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Try the Uranos NX demo experience at your workshop

25 March 2022 | 

Take the oppotunity to experience the advantages of our new welding evolution and test it in your workshop.

In October 2021 we launched our URANOS NX line and showed you benefits like intelligent power, more than 600 welding programs, greenWave® Technology, modern design and the possibility to assemble individual product packages.

Sometimes it is easier to experience all these advantages about the next generation in welding machines rather than reading or hearing about them.

Therefore, we have a special offer for you:

Demo Experience

We give you the possibility to test our NX welding machine on your premises. Whenever and wherever you want.

    Thanks to the special Demo Activation Key (DAK) our Böhler Welding engineers can activate any welding program & function of the huge Böhler Arc portfolio on your URANOS NX MIG/MAG equipment and test them, if you want, with you in your workshops.

    Upon request, we also provide the option to install the desired welding programs on your URANOS NX welding machine in a trial version. So you may easily and comfortably test the benefits of the Böhler Arc technology on your own.

    Demo Service Details

    • DAK (Demo Activation Key)
      • Connectable to URANOS NX PME and GSM
      • Can store up to 100 welding programs
      • Designed fpr demo sessions by Böhler Welding & Authorized Partners Demo Engineer
    • DAT (Demo Activation Trial)
      • All the Böhler Arc welding programs are available in the "trial" (limited time) version
      • DAT can be uploaded to URANOS NX PME and GSM where they remain for 5 hours Arc-On time
      • Customers/welders can test the programs directly on their URANOS NX welding machines

    Give it a try and convince yourself about the quality of the new evolution in welding machines - URANOS NX

    Get in contact with your local distributor today to make an appointment! Be aware that this offer is available a limited time only.

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