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URANOS NX MTE - Our Multiprocess Energy Efficient and Light Weight Welding Machines

12 February 2024 | 

Welding MIG/MAG, TIG or MMA with one power source? Meet our multiprocess energy efficient and light weight URANOS NX MTE.

Whether you want to weld MIG/MAG, TIG or MMA this is all possible now with one power source from Böhler Welding our multitalented URANOS NX MTE.



On top you save energy with our patented greenWave® technology:

  • great portability
  • integrated wire feeder
  • 230V 1 PH and 400 V 3PH Models
  • Easy and fast connections
  • up to 600 MIG/MAG welding programs
  • 5 MIG/MAG processes
  • 4 available TIG processes
  • greenWave® technology

URANOS NX MTE combines the skills and experience of augmented intelligence:

  • MIG/MAG, Pulse MIG/MAG, TIG DC HF, MMA welding is all possible with one power source
  • 9 welding processes:  5 MIG/MAG and 4 TIG DC
  • Countless welding functions (Welding Speed / Arc Dynamic / Crater Filler / Spot Welding / Mig Bi-Level / Easy Joining / Spot Welding / Pulse Slope, etc.) 
  • URANOS MTE can weld any material: Stainless steel and aluminium, unalloyed steel, nickel and copper alloy and more

URANOS NX MTE is intuitive and customizable

You can assemble your welding solution with everything you need and optimise your URANOS NX MTE.

URANOS NX MTE easily movable without a trolley – one of the most compact and lightest equipment on the market.

URANOS NX MTE is a real all-rounder

Perfect combination with Böhler Welding consumables with a high deposition rate and less reworking. For a perfect welding seam.

Improve your energy efficiency with our greenWave® technology.

  • URANOS NX MTE inverter is based on greenWave®, patented technology complying to EN61000-3-12 standard, enabling an extremely energy efficient operation with optimized power consumption.
  • greenWave® is the patented new welding technology that uses electrical energy in an intelligent way in order to reduce consumption. greenWave® power sources are URANOS series machines and are easily recognizable from an adhesive label bearing the greenWave® logo on the cover.