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Unlocking the Secrets of diamondspark GUARD: A Deep Dive with Filippo Campaci into Health & Safety Requirements

30 November 2023 | 

Discover the critical role that reducing hazardous welding fumes plays in improving welders' health and gain exclusive insights from welding wire expert Filippo Campaci on product development strategies that make a profound impact.

Why health & safety matter to us

Let’s kick things off with some background information: In 2018, the International Agency of Research and Cancer reclassified weld fumes and UV radiation from welding as Group 1 “carcinogenic to humans”. In this respect, voestalpine Böhler Welding is primarily working on solutions to reduce hazardous welding fumes and minimize risks for the welder associated with all welding processes. This also applies to our flux-cored and metal-cored GUARD wire range, which reduces risks from hazardous chemicals.

In a recent interview, Filippo Campaci, our Product Manager for flux-cored wires, sheds light on the critical aspects of health & safety in relation to the hazardous welding fumes emitted by welding consumables.

We have a responsibility to meet the new stricter requirements for welding fumes and to make our product range as healthy as possible. That's why we are working to reduce the Mn and Cr-VI content in our wires.


Filippo and his team are undoubtedly setting the standards for seamless flux-cored wires. The new diamondspark GUARD portfolio has been developed to meet the stricter health & safety requirements for welders and their co-workers.

Together with diamondspark GUARD we significantly reduce the amount of manganese while maintaining the same performance of the well-known diamondspark range in terms of mechanical properties, arc stability and welding performance.

Dedication to fume optimized welding and excellent weldability is our commitment

diamondspark flux-cored wires are made from high quality voestalpine steel, minerals, ferroalloys and iron powders. The different powders are mixed and agglomerated together (flux), in way to achieve and ensure a perfect balance in terms of welding performance and mechanical properties.

Why manganese is dangerous for welders

The most commonly used class of welding material are the carbon steels. They are mainly used in general construction and shipyards. The fumes produced by these products mostly contain iron and iron oxides and a smaller number of other metals or metal oxides e.g. manganese, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, copper etc. All these elements have a negative impact on health.

In recent years, the development of neurological dysfunction due to welding fume exposure has mostly been associated with manganese (Mn). Case reports show Mn accumulates in dopaminergic brain regions of welders exposed to high concentrations of welding fumes.

Our powerful partnerships with external accredited laboratories and universities

voestalpine Böhler Welding invested in the analysis of welding fume emissions and installed special equipment in its main facilities that is capable of recording welding fumes in accordance with international standards.

This allows us to determinate the emission rate of our welding consumables and the main chemical elements in the welding fumes. It is the result of many years of work and research including with accredited external laboratories and universities.

Same but different: health & safety standards worldwide

There are different health & safety standards and limits for the main components in different regions, but also from country to country in the same region, in Europe for instance, but even in US or Canada, where limits vary from one state to another.

As a global supplier, we have worked to reduce the manganese content to a minimum, while maintaining the same performance in terms of arc stability and mechanical properties.

Böhler Welding not only provides fume optimized welding consumables, but also additional solutions such as PPE. By combining our wires with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we empower our customers to comply with the strictest limits regarding fume emissions and hazardous elements. As Böhler Welding we deliver on our promise of The Perfect Weld Seam, also in terms of health & safety.

Join us as we strive for a workplace with increased health & safety standards and stay tuned for further updates.

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