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Under the Surface: Stefan Eich

6 November 2023 | 

Today, we have the pleasure of hearing from Stefan Eich, the Sales Manager responsible for the UTP brand at voestalpine Böhler Welding Germany Vertriebs Gmbh.

My passion for welding technology has driven me for an incredible 25 years. The ever-evolving nature of this field never fails to fascinate me. New materials, applications and developments keep the industry vibrant, and I'm thrilled to be part of this journey.

Stefan's journey in welding technology has been filled with memorable experiences, one of which was introducing a groundbreaking wire on a construction site in England.

I recall flying to the Isle of Grain with one spool of a new wire. As we began welding, more and more welders gathered around, intrigued by this innovative product that was unlike anything in the market at the time. It's a story that always brings a smile to my face.

Special welding projects present unique challenges, but Stefan emphasizes the importance of actively listening to customers' needs and providing solutions they can rely on.

In these discussions, honesty is key. Making promises we can keep and demonstrating reliability builds trust with our customers, and together, we achieve success. Understanding the customer's challenges is crucial, especially in larger projects, where welding consumables play a significant role in relieving their concerns.

UTP's customer-oriented approach has been a defining characteristic of the brand since its inception.

All of the colleagues at UTP have always been solution-oriented, continuously seeking and developing specialized solutions for our valued customers. Today, when people think of high-quality welding consumables, they think of UTP.

Further in the interview, Stefan notes that automation is a prevailing trend in the welding industry, spanning beyond standard processes and steel joining to hard surfacing and corrosion protection.

Automation is at the forefront, paving the way for more efficient and precise welding practices.

Stay tuned for more inspiring interviews, where our experts continue to shape the future of welding technology.