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Under the Surface: Neeraj Tiwari

20 October 2023 | 

Today, we have the pleasure of hearing from Neeraj Tiwari, Business Development Manager for Maintenance and Repair in India.

Hi, I'm Neeraj Tiwari, and the world of welding technology never fails to captivate me. It offers a unique opportunity to dive deep into core manufacturing industries like steel, cement, forging and sugar. My journey has been filled with meeting diverse individuals from different profiles, which has been a truly enriching experience.

As the National Business Development Manager for Maintenance and Repair, Neeraj's passion for welding technology has led him to visit various manufacturing industries and interact with a wide range of people.

Over my 20-year journey in the welding industry, I've had the privilege of working in both joining and maintenance and repair profiles.

What sets UTP apart from its competitors in the welding industry?

At UTP, we offer a complete range of welding consumables, and our expertise in welding processes gives us a distinct edge. Our presence in the steel manufacturing sector instills confidence in our customers to trust us with critical applications to meet the increasing demand for steel.

UTP's dedication to providing high-productivity processes shines through in their solutions concept, enhancing various segments and earning accolades from customers.

Applications like caster cladding are challenging and critical for steel mills, with any performance or failure significantly impacting working hours and steel production. Our products at UTP are tailored for such demanding applications, considering key wear factors. Our strong association with OEMs sets us apart, ensuring cutting-edge solutions for our customers.

Embracing innovation, UTP introduced seamless robotic wires, revolutionizing the worm screw hard facing in the oil expeller industries. The shift from conventional stick electrodes to seamless continuous wires resulted in higher productivity and customer satisfaction.

We take pride in the success stories like these, where our products and solutions make a real difference in our customers' operations.

Stay tuned for our next captivating interview, where another expert shares their unique perspective on UTP's impact on the welding industry as a whole.