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Top-quality Welding Results with Böhler Welding's CO-BRO® Full Welding Solution

16 April 2023 | 

ABBATI srl is a renowned company specializing in medium-heavy metal fabrication, and has been a Böhler Welding customer since 2002. In 2019, ABBATI srl expanded the cooperation. Lately, they have been implementing the Böhler Welding Full Welding Solution for metal fabrication using our collaborative welding cobot CO-BRO®.

Why Böhler Welding’s CO-BRO®?

The CEO and owner Armando Abbati chose CO-BRO for its superior technology and organization. ABBATI srl’s main customers operate in the railway industry, which requires high performance and top quality. In this field welding must also be certified in accordance with demanding national and European standards.


Such levels of quality and repeatability are increasingly difficult to achieve with manual welding processes and the automatic welding of CO-BRO presents an excellent answer.

CEO and owner Armando Abbati

CO-BRO®’s automatic welding process provides just such quality and repeatability; the absence of specialized welders in the market has made CO-BRO® particularly attractive to ABBATI srl.

During application tests, ABBATI srl found the CO-BRO® system’s stability in torch movements with a total absence of vibrations and the possibility of programming and controlling the system by using a tablet in a simple and ergonomic way to be the key points of the system.

How Armado Abbati describes the cooperation

I would also like to point out the excellent level of competence and professional style of the Böhler Welding technical and sales staff who supported us.

CEO and owner Armando Abbati

What about the future?

For the future, ABBATI srl hopes to find in Böhler Welding a partner who can help them to evolve in terms of technology towards increasingly modern and efficient welding. As their vision foresees an increasingly marked growth of highly automated systems within their production processes, they look forward to Böhler Welding’s support in this project. ABBATI srl’s partnership with Böhler Welding has been a success story that showcases how superior technology and excellent customer service can result in a productive and mutually beneficial relationship.