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See Beyond the Horizon: The Evolution Vision Welding Revolution

30 November 2023 | 

Discover the pinnacle of welding protection with our Evolution Vision helmets, the first of our innovative helmet collections designed for top-of-the-line welding and powered air-respiratory systems.

Introducing Evolution Vision: Elevate Your Welding Experience

Evolution Vision is the name of our new PPE product family for high-end welding helmets and powered air-respiratory systems. These auto-darkening welding helmets feature a flip-up UHD ADF, seamlessly blending welding and grinding functionalities for an expansive view.

Evolution Vision65F & Evolution Vision65FM are the first products in this new family. Fitted with a new multi-adjustable headgear with four head straps and one neck strap, it provides great comfort and ergonomic weight distribution.

Product features of Evolution Vision

  • Shade 3, 4-8 / 9-14

  • Viewing area: 65 x 96 mm – True Color

  • UHD display – EN 379 classification 1/1/1/1

  • Digital display and easy ADF setting

  • Clear grinding lens with a wide viewing area (180 x 90 mm)

  • Incl. 1 pc. spare battery, 3 pcs. front cover lenses and 1 pc. head top pouch

  • Auto shade mode for Evolution Vision 65FM Air

Breathable Brilliance: Welding Helmets Redefined for Air-ready Excellence

Designed with unique head-tops, Evolution Vision65F & Evolution Vision65FM Air helmets are air-ready and come with face-seals and uniform air duct connectors to allow for switching between different fresh air systems. All of the head tops of our helmets are certified to the highest possible standards with P R SL filters.

    Join us as we strive for a safer workplace, and stay tuned for further health & safety updates.

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