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The Best for the Best
Best Welding Machines for Best Welders. CO-BRO®

29 September 2021 | 

Robot-Supported Welding at its Best: The Collaborative Welding Robot „CO-BRO®“ opens new horizons with reduced initial investment, easy system programming and a simple operation of all elements with only ONE control panel.

CO-BRO® stands for a Collaborative robot, that supports you – like your bro.

It is a perfectly coordinated unit of robot arm, welding system and operating panel with 12'' graphic interface as well as easy and intuitive control programs:

Control Programs

  • Welding program settings
  • Real-time display of all parameters
  • Predefined templates for common welding tasks
  • Error diagnostics
  • Optional panel support

This collaborative welding unit is intended for robotic GMAW and GTAW welding applications and is especially beneficial to small companies with changing welding tasks.

Compared to classic robot welding, there are a few signigicant benefits

  • ONE control panel for all elements
  • Drastically reduced initial investment
  • Simple, intuitive programming (Plug&Play)
  • Quick and easy integration in the production processes
  • Increase of up to 50 % of productivity through high-speed welding processes
  • Constant quality through repeatable accuracy and precision of the robot
  • Versatile usage of the CO-BRO® also for non-welding tasks (e.g. manipulation and/or handling during pauses)
  • CO-BRO® grants access to all welding programs from the equipment itself and from the CO-BRO‘s® operating panel
  • Böhler Arc compatible
  • CE certified
  • Easily re-equipped for a new job
  • CO-BRO® in ATC Hamm can be used for trainings
  • Less training and technical support is needed

The CO-BRO® consists of:

  • Welding Equipment URANOS (Robot Ready) supplied by Böhler Welding
  • CO-BRO® Integration Kit supplied by Böhler Welding
    • Urcap software
    • Control box
    • Welding torch
    • Overhanging arm with torch balancer
    • Galvanic separated table flange
    • RI box interface ethernet IP
    • CE Certification
    • Technical Trainings
  • UR10e Robot supplied by UNIVERSAL ROBOTS

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