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Introducing TERRA NX 320 and 400 PMC

17 November 2023 | 

Terra NX 320 and 400 PMC are the two new power sources in the TERRA NX pulsed MIG/MAG line. These power sources both have the wire feeder integrated into their power source casings.

TERRA NX - Gets the job done

Ease of Use

The TERRA  NX PMC is a powerful tool for increasing productivity and securing ready availability, along with being very easy to use. TERRA NX PMC devices are among the most compact and lightest equipment in their category, and thanks to the practical trolley they are easily movable.

Both models are equipped with a bright 3.5” color LCD display, using large characters to increase readability. Color LCD increases the communicative possibilities thanks to the intuitive association of color to the type of information. The highly intuitive navigation menu is a feature that all Böhler Welding NX models share.

Experience greater operational safety with the safety microswitch function, which prevents the power source from operating when the wire feeder door is open. 

Welding Processes

TERRA NX PMC can weld standard MIG/MAG and pulsed MIG/MAG, MMA and TIG. In MIG/MAG welding procedures, the power source is equipped with four proprietary processes of our Böhler Welding equipment: ArcDrive and RapiDeep for standard MIG/MAG welding, and PulsDrive and QuickPulse for pulsed MIG/MAG welding.

This wide range of processes allows you to always weld optimally by adapting the equipment to the type of material and work to obtain the best synthesis of quality and productivity. The TERRA NX PMC is equipped with 88 MIG/MAG welding programs from which the welder can choose, giving it one of the largest portfolios in the market.

The TERRA NX equipment software has an automatic job backup function. Any jobs and settings saved by the user are stored in a fully automatic internal backup, keeping all of the stored data safe and sound.

TERRA NX 320 PMC including Böhler Arc Welding Process and myNX

TERRA NX enhances productivity thanks to its compatibility with Böhler Welding consumables

TERRA NX PMC is designed to work primarily in metal fabrication, and in the building and shipyard industries where the highest degree of productivity is key.

As the device has a wire feeder integrated into the power source casing, it is possible to load wire spools from 200 to 300 mm diameter. The 120W wire feeder motor was entirely designed and developed by Böhler Welding.

The wire feed section is supported by four large diameter (37 mm) driving rollers, to ensure a constant and reliable feed. The spool change and the wire feeding is simple and ergonomic, with a reduced number of operations on the friction screw and on the rolls lever.

For more information about our TERRA NX power sources.