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Success cases of accelerated welding productivity through automation

16 March 2023 | 

Rising the productivity at the highest level, in combination with high quality and flexibility, is one of the modern times biggest challenges for the welding industry. Driving force is the hard competition together with the increasingly lack of skills and competence that affects this industrial sector. It is also to be considered that best productivity does not only mean the highest welding speed, but also fast set-up, low downtimes and high reliability.

Based on the needs the welding equipment providers make nowadays available several automated and mechanized solutions to cover any demand such as welding carriages, orbital bugs and several types of robotic systems.

In our new Whitepaper Automation, 4 GMAW applications cases are illustrated showing concrete benefits achieved in the fabrication of LNG tanks, pipeline, steel structures and Yellow & Green goods, thanks to mechanized and automated solutions and the right welding consumables. Saving in terms of time and also material, when applicable, are also illustrated.

Check out the full Whitepaper now!