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Keep a perfect Pickling Bath with our new Pickling Bath Analysis Kit

28 October 2021 | 

Keeping a constant high quality when using a Pickling Bath to maintain & protect Stainless Steel is always a challenge and requires continuous adjustments of the bath.

But which adjustments establish outstanding quality? Constantly?

weldCare Pickling Bath Analysis Kit

With the new weldCare Pickling Bath Analysis Kit you can rely on decades of experience and

professional chemical analysis methods and it only takes you a few minutes:

  • We provide you with an analysis kit (including equipment for sample taking and a manual)
  • You take a sample and send it back to our experts in Malmö
  • Based on the sample analysis results, we give a recommendation on how to adjust the pickling bath

As an outcome, our customers can run a stable & controlled production

  •  constant high-quality of pickled products
  • incresed productivity (in sqm/hour)
  • reduction of pickling bath consumption
  • environmental improvements (less waste disposal costs)
  • increased safety for your workers (due to reduced fumes)

Satisfied customers confirm

First applications of our Pickling Bath Analysis at a customers site show in the first years:

  • Increase in quality: error rate with initial pickling reduced from 10% to 0.3%
  • Running costs (operational, variable): reduction by 31%
  • Pickling consumption: reduction by 36%

For more information, please contact:

Mats Lundhal

Application Engineer

Take a look at our Manual For Surface Treatment Of Stainless Steel for general guidance on cleaning procedures depending on stainless steel grades.