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JOIN! the passion 2022: With our Guardian62 Limited Edition Helmet

5 November 2022 | 

What do a soccer player and a welder have in common? Exactly! The passion for what they do and the unconditional will to always provide the best performance! And what could be more natural for us than producing a limited edition “Guardian62” high-performance welding helmet with a football pattern?

As product manager Thomas Bauer enthusiastically explains, this is a limited edition of the existing Guardian62 welding helmet. The design was worked out in the style of a football cut pattern on the left and right of the helmet, as well as the depiction of a kicked ball on the top in combination with the slogan "Join the Passion 2022". The welding helmet comes with a sticker sheet on which country flags are printed.

What's behind it?"Join the Passion 2022" motivates all our fellow welders to make their choice and stick their favored country flag on the helmet for all to see. At the same time, by wearing the helmet, the welder is protected from all hazards to achieve top welding performance: The passion to generate solutions that are simply outstanding!

As sales responsible for Europe, Anja Saldigk explains that the use of personal protection does not only become mandatory in the industry but that it is meanwhile also considered a fashion item. The younger generation in particular wants to stand out from the crowd and is happy about modern and changing designs. This is why we decided to launch every now and then a special design of our well-proven Guardian62.


  • What dangers lurk during welding?

Welding helmets protect against welding spatters, sparks, flying particles, heat radiation (IR), UV radiation, intense brightness or blinding of the eyes during the welding process. Applications include pulsed DC and AC welding, TIG welding, stick electrode welding, welding with argon-helium mixtures, MIG/MAG welding with shielding gas electrodes, as well as grinding applications. For the latter, the grind mode can be used. When activated, the grind mode prevents the display from automatically darkening.

The most important component of our welding helmet is the auto-darkening welding filter (ADF). This protects the welder's eyes from the intense brightness of the welding arc. The ADF’s sensors detect the striking arc and immediately darken the display of the ADF preventing the blinding of the eye and the cause of arc eyes. The darkened display still provides a good view of the weld pool. Regardless of the darkening, the display always provides protection against UV and infrared radiation.

  • Safety is an important component, but let's now turn to comfort:

A welder's work can be a long process. The welding helmet is therefore worn throughout the working day. This is why the wearing comfort of a welding helmet also plays an important role. The helmet should be light, the headband should perfectly fit and the weight of the helmet should be balanced. The low weight of the Guardian 62 welding helmet with the option of adjusting the individual headband straps as well as the tilt adjustment are offering the best comfort.

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