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Joe Knows Welding: Get the Most out of Your Böhler Welding Machines with Joe Irvin's How-to Video Series

16 May 2023 | 

Introducing the Böhler Welding Machines How-to Video Series! - Are you a welder looking for the best welding machines in the market? Look no further! Böhler Welding machines are designed to help you achieve the perfect weld – every time. To help you get the most out of our machines, we've teamed up with welding expert Joe Irvin to create a series of short how-to videos.

Each week, Joe will explain the features of our welding machines in detail, giving you the inside scoop on how to use them to their full potential. From the basics to advanced techniques, our video series has got you covered. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our videos will help you take your welding skills to the next level.

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We're excited to launch this new video series, which will provide valuable insights and practical advice for welders around the world.

Fedro Gagno, Product Manager Equipment

The videos will be available on Böhler Welding's website, social media channels and YouTube channel, making it easy for viewers to access and learn from anywhere, at any time.

Video 1

In this video, Joe demonstrates how to customize the display of the URANOS NX machine to suit individual preferences. The machine has two displays, one LCD and one LED, and users can select the information they want to be displayed on each. By entering the background setup mode, users can tailor the amount of information displayed to suit their needs, including advanced professional settings such as wire feed speed and arc voltage.

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Video 2

Joe demonstrates how to set minimum and maximum values when using an external control, such as a foot pedal or remote control. This feature can be useful when working on a specific welding procedure that requires a certain range of amperage. By accessing the setup menu and setting the desired values, the machine will limit the operator to only work within those parameters.

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Video 3

In this video, Joe demonstrates to viewers how to reset their welding machine. By following a few simple steps, users can reset the machine to its basic setup without losing any saved jobs or settings.

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Video 4

In this video, Joe talks about welding stainless steel and how to improve bead appearance and weld quality while reducing spatter. He discusses the importance of choosing the correct welding parameters, shielding gas and welding processes, and suggests using a pulsed process or Böhler Welding's QuickPulse process for welding stainless steel.

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Video 5

Joe explains how to save jobs on the URANOS and URANOS NX range of welding machines. He demonstrates how to access the Save a Job menu, select a slot to save the job, name the job, and recall the job later on. He emphasizes the importance of saving jobs to switch between different settings or accommodate different users.

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Video 6

In this video, Joe from voestalpine Böhler Welding introduces Böhler Arc, a fully integrated approach to welding that combines welding consumables, welding machines, and welding processes to achieve optimal results. He provides context by discussing a common application, the welding of a 304 stainless steel base material to an S355 carbon steel base material. The FOXcore 307-MC metal cord wire and Uranos NX 4000 GSM welding machine are used for the demonstration, showcasing both the standard spray arc and the consumable specific synergic curve.

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Video 7

In this video, Joe from voestalpine Böhler Welding introduces the multiprocess machines, GSM and MTE. He highlights that these machines allow for various welding processes, including MIG/MAG, pulsed MIG/MAG, high-frequency DC TIG, and MMA, all from one power source. Joe demonstrates the capabilities of the machines by performing pipe-to-plate welds using DC TIG and flux-cored welding. He emphasizes the ease of switching between processes and concludes that these machines are ideal for those using multiple welding processes in their workshop.

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Video 8

Joe from voestalpine Böhler Welding discusses tips and tricks to improve weld quality on carbon steel fillet welds. He introduces the rapiDeep welding process, a waveform-controlled technique that reduces the arc length, resulting in increased penetration and the ability to enhance other parameters such as voltage and wire feed speed. This allows for higher travel speeds while reducing heat input, benefiting steel fabrication businesses. Joe demonstrates the difference between a standard spray arc process and the rapiDeep process using an S355 carbon steel fillet weld.

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Video 9

Joe from voestalpine Böhler Welding introduces the URANOS 2000 SMC, a versatile single-phase MIG/MAG welding machine. The machine weighs only 12.8 kilograms and requires 5.7 KVA to operate, making it ideal for a variety of industries including general repair, body repair and fabrication. Joe demonstrates the machine's setup using the LCD display and explains its features, including the library of curves for different materials. He also discusses setting functions such as trigger mode, hot starts, crater fill, arc length correction, and inductance. Joe demonstrates various welds, including a T fillet weld and a lap joint, highlighting the machine's capabilities and gap bridging capabilities. He concludes by recommending the URANOS 2000 SMC as a portable, versatile and intuitive choice for welding applications.

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Video 10

Joe introduces the Uranos 1500 TLH, a 150 amp high frequency DC TIG machine. The outstanding feature of this welder is its compact size, weighing only 3.9 kilograms and measuring 260 x 115 x 250. Its portability makes it ideal for maintenance and repair work, as well as on-site fabrication projects. Joe demonstrates the machine's capabilities by welding a 5-millimeter stainless steel plate. The setup process is straightforward with options for MMA functionality and different welding modes such as constant current, pulse or fast pulse. The machine delivers excellent welding performance without compromise. It also comes with a durable hard case for easy storage and transport.

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Video 11

In this video, Joe from voestalpine Böhler Welding introduces the Saber 70 CHP plasma cutter. The Saber 70 is a digitally controlled plasma inverter with a maximum cut of 28 millimeters on carbon steel plate. It is suitable for cutting stainless steel and aluminum plates as well. The machine has a 60 amp 100% duty cycle and is recommended for cutting up to 20 millimeter plates. However, it can cut all the way up to 28 millimeters with a maximum separation of 35 millimeters on carbon steel. Joe demonstrates how to set the machine for different materials and showcases its cutting capabilities on carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. He highlights features such as trigger modes, mesh cutting, plasma gouging, and the ability to adjust power based on material thickness.

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Video 12

Joe demonstrates MMA welding with multi-process machines. He uses the Böhler FOX CN 23/12-A electrode, specifically the E309L dissimilar rod, and the 5000 GSM power source. Joe explains how to select the MMA function on the power source and choose the appropriate electrode based on its flux. He highlights the chrome-nickel setting for the E309L rutile-coated rod, which adjusts the arc force and hot start current to optimize welding conditions. Joe proceeds to demonstrate the welding process with an 80-amp current for a 2.5-millimeter electrode.

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