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The Next Welding Evolution: Introducing URANOS NX PMC

30 November 2023 | 

In the dynamic world of welding technology, innovation is the key to staying ahead. At Böhler Welding, we're proud to introduce our latest masterpiece – the URANOS NX PMC welding machines. This cutting-edge addition to our URANOS NX pulse MIG/MAG line is set to redefine the standards of efficiency, precision and user experience in the welding industry.

More than a welding machine

The URANOS NX PMC is not just a welding machine; it's a technological marvel designed to meet the diverse needs of welding professionals. With integrated wire feeders, the URANOS NX PMC comes in two versions – the single-phase URANOS NX 2200 PMC and the three-phase URANOS NX 2700 PMC. Whether you're working in light shop fabrication, on construction sites or tackling repair and overhaul projects, these machines are designed to deliver exceptional performance.

What features to expect?

At the heart of the URANOS NX PMC lies the greenWave® inverter technology, ensuring not only energy-efficient operation but also compliance with the EN61000-3-12 standard. The machines are remarkably portable, being among the most compact and the lightest in their category, making them easy to move with or without trolleys.

The 3.5” color LCD display provides a user-friendly interface that is common to all Böhler Welding NX models. The complete hardware package, including power source, accessories and consumables, combined with a comprehensive software suite, ensures The Perfect Weld Seam.

Why trust in the new URANOS NX PMC models?

Augmented Intelligence

  • URANOS NX PMC takes a giant leap forward with augmented intelligence. High storage capacity, digital accuracy and automatic backup ensure uninterrupted operation even in challenging environments. Experience the future of welding with intelligent data transmission via CANBUS. URANOS NX PMC keeps your stored settings and jobs safe and sound.

Welding Master

  • With an extensive portfolio of 600 welding programs and 240 personal welding jobs, it's a welding master at your fingertips. Achieve high-quality welds even at high working speeds with fast digital control and response. Perfectly complemented by Böhler Welding consumables, you will benefit from high deposition rates and less rework.

Intuitive and Customizable

  • Easily assemble your welding solution using the intuitive features of URANOS NX PMC. The 3.5" color LCD graphical user interface provides a seamless user experience. Customize your welding setup with the complete package of hardware and software, including optional features such as a 5-year warranty and a welding validation program.

The URANOS NX PMC isn't just a welding machine; it's a game-changer, a welding companion designed to enhance your craftsmanship. Whether you're a welding professional or a hobbyist, the URANOS NX PMC offers a perfect blend of innovation, efficiency and customization. Experience The Perfect Weld Seam with URANOS NX PMC – where every weld is a masterpiece.

Explore our new URANOS NX PMC welding machines and experience the Perfect Weld Seam.

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