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Innovations at Schweißen & Schneiden 2023: Experience the Perfect Weld Seam

4 September 2023 | 

The excitement is building as the renowned "Schweißen & Schneiden 2023" trade fair opens its doors once again in Essen, Germany. Valued customers and esteemed guests, voestalpine Böhler Welding, the global technology leader in the welding industry, is pleased to invite you to explore our productivity and health & safety solutions and exchange your needs with our experts.

Over the past few years, we significantly developed and expanded our product range and our service offering to best cater to our customer’s changing demands and challenges.

As the company with the most knowledge of welding metallurgy, we are best positioned to support the welding
industry to deliver The Perfect Weld Seam

Experience the Perfect Weld Seam


The Perfect Weld Seam means reduced scrap, rework, wastage and higher productivity while improving health and safety for your employees. With our team of welding experts, we concentrate on The Perfect Weld Seam. Our focus is not only on first-class welded joints, but also on translating our solution-oriented product philosophy into tangible benefits for you.

Thomas Hold

The perfect weld seam is created when all the parameters fit together perfectly in one moment. But no welded component such as a bridge, a pressure vessel or a ship consists of ONE perfect weld seam. More than 60 highly qualified and skilled welding engineers at voestalpine Böhler Welding ensure that our customers can recreate this special moment, when The Perfect Weld Seam forms, as often as needed. We are there to help and support before the first arc strikes and stay available until the last bead cools down.

Thomas Hold

Automating the Perfect Weld Seam with Robotic Solutions

Benefit from our many years of experience and our good reputation in industrial welding and welding consumables production. This sets us apart and ensures the perfect configuration and technical support for meeting the requirements of advanced welding applications.

  • Complete Full Welding Solution: power source, wire feeder, interface, torch, accessories and filler metals, perfectly combined.
  • Böhler Welding MIG/TIG process knowledge and experience.
  • Compatible with all commercial brands of robots.
  • Low fume welding solutions using the Böhler Welding leading innovative low-fume filler metals and processes.
  • Products and technologies to support sustainability targets and cost optimization.

Improve your Productivity with railRunner, wheelRunner & pipeRunner

Delivering long weld seams with user friendly, heavy duty and flexible welding carriages perfectly integrated with any Böhler Welding MIG welding equipment.

  • The new welding carriages railRunner, wheelRunner and pipeRunner deliver maximum productivity.
  • Full control: The welding process and the movements in one single user interface. All parameters digitally controlled and programmable for maximum precision, repeatability and quality.
  • Designed for consistent and best quality welding on straight and curved surfaces with maximum duty cycle.
  • Maximum safety thanks to the low voltage power supply in the working area without the need for batteries.

Live Demo: Welding Equipment with Stainless Filler Metals for the Perfect Weld Seam

Thanks to our deep metallurgical and application knowledge we achieved a combination of excellent welding performance with an increase in welder safety.

  • Visit us at booth no. 3D38 to experience our live demos.

Live Demo: MIG High-Strength Steel Solid Wires for The Perfect Weld Seam

The combination of Böhler Welding solid wires and welding equipment with Böhler Arc based on world class application knowledge guarantees The Perfect Weld Seam.

Enhancing Lifetime with UTP Surface Protection Filler Metals

UTP filler metals are dedicated to protecting steel surfaces in order to extend the lifetime of wear parts, reducing energy usage and support your sustainability objectives.

For example pump impellers are subject to a high level of abrasion and corrosion because they pump abrasive materials in a wet environment. The wear protection of such components by surfacing requires a careful selection of welding consumables, since only very few are suitable for withstanding both stresses at the same time.

New GUARD Flux Cored Wire Range ensures your Health & Safety

Böhler Welding created a product range that it is not only safer for welders, but also delivers The Perfect Weld Seam.

  • GUARD – Flux Cored Wires for:
    • diamondspark GUARD – Mild steel applications with a low amount of Manganese fume emission for general construction, shipyards
    • FOXcore GUARD – High-Alloyed CrNi steels applications with low amount of Chrome (VI) emission

diamondspark GUARD and FOXcore GUARD help you to protect your workplace by significantly reducing the amount of Manganese and Chrome (VI) in the welding fumes.

 Klaus Blome

From the very beginning of a new product development we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations. For welding wires, for example, we do not only look at mechanical properties and arc performance. Taking the interaction of our welding consumables with our welding machines and other components of the welding universe into consideration leads us to deliver the best result for a Perfect Weld Seam. That’s what our customers deserve.

Klaus Blome

weldNet® Software Solutions for improved Quality Management and Documentation

The complex world of welding is being increasingly digitalized. You always need fast and reliable access to data and information when you want to be able to work efficiently.

Our mission is to guide and assist all involved experts in the welding industry with our intelligent software solutions –
from choice of materials via the planning, sourcing, executing all the way to the documenting of the welding operation.

Thomas Reithofer

Digitalization allows monitoring and managing the welding process and all related activities very easily, fast and precisely – and provides great opportunities to increase productivity and overall performance. With our state-of-the-art digital solutions, we provide end-to-end support to our customers along their complete welding journey, from the base material selection to the final quality documentation.

Thomas Reithofer

Personal Protective Equipment for Health & Safety

Occupational safety and the protection of employees have absolute priority at voestalpine Böhler Welding because it is crucial for welding technicians to have high-quality products at hand. voestalpine Böhler Welding offers a wide range of Health & Safety products aimed at making work environments safer and protecting the well-being of welders.

Mark Homan

To offer a comprehensive global range of PPE, we will ensure that we are at the forefront of new technologies and product design. In close cooperation with our partners, we offer personal safety equipment for welders in first-class quality. The welders and their safety are always at the centre of our developments, which are always oriented towards current safety requirements.

Mark Homan