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greenWave® - the Sustainable Technology for Welding Power Sources

13 May 2024 | 

Power lines, because of the intrinsic resistance of their conductors, are subject to energy losses through heat dissipation. Because greenWave® power sources draw less current, they make a major contribution to reducing energy losses along power lines. A thousand greenWave® power sources operating at 200 A / 28 V for 1200 hours a year correspond to a reduction in CO2 emissions of about 110 tons.

The power factor provides a measurement of the system’s efficiency in exploiting the energy delivered by the AC mains supply. A system with unity power factor (PF = 1) can exploit all the energy delivered by the mains supply, while a system with a PF of 0.65 can only exploit 65% of it.

Patented greenWave® Multiline three level technology has led to the development of truly innovative power sources.

  • greenWave® technology combines all the performance of inverter power sources with protection against unstable power supplies and a power factor approaching unity.
  • greenWave® technology can function with single phase mains power supplies, in which case it ensures a power factor of unity, and with three phase mains supplies, in which case power factor closely approaches unity.

Our research centre has developed an innovative design that
combines all the benefits and reliability of inverter technology with a power factor equal to or approaching unity.

Otto Schuster, Senior Vice President Welding Equipment 

5 reasons why you should choose an Uranos NX power source with greenWave® technology


  1. Complete protection against unstable mains supplies
  2. Self-adaptation to input voltage (autolink)
  3. Better overall reliability
  4. Reduced system costs
  5. More power sources can be installed

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