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Full Power in your Hand

1 September 2021 | 

MIG/MAG torches by Böhler Welding are durable products for premium performance and high quality welds.

Air cooled MIG/MAG torches

  • Böhler MT 150 G
  • Böhler MT 250 G
  • Böhler MT 300 G
  • Böhler MT 350 G

Liquid cooled MIG/MAG torches

  • Böhler MT 440 W
  • Böhler MT 540 W

Key Benefits for air and liquid cooled MIG/MAG torches

  • High quality and durability
  • Reliable solution offering premium performance, robustness, endurance and an increase of productivity
  • Robust wear parts ensuring minimum shielding gas loss and long-life cycle
  • Advanced ergonomic design ensures good comfort in all welding positions
  • Easy maintenance and replacement of wear parts

Due to the new torch portfolio, from now on, Böhler Welding offers the perfect coordination of welding machines, torches and consumables to achieve the best welding solution out of one hand.

For more information download the new MIG/MAG torches brochure or visit our torches page.