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Experience The Perfect Weld Seam at Schweißen & Schneiden 2023

18 October 2023 | 

The world's leading trade fair Schweißen & Schneiden was once again a meeting place for the international welding community. Under the theme "Experience the Perfect Weld Seam", we presented our latest developments and innovations on an area of almost 1,000 m2 to our customers and partners.

Customers from all over the world followed our call

The fair registered 40.000 visitors, and we were pleased to welcome almost 2,000 customers and partners on our booth, who followed our personal invitation.

During the exhibition week we did not only present a comprehensive program at our booth, we also organized various events to appreciate our valuable key customers and also internal colleagues:

  • With almost 400 guests, the Key Account Event at the World Heritage venue “Zeche Zollverein” was completely booked. That evening we could well network and strengthen our ties with all of our customers and partners invited. The venue with its unique atmosphere stunned our visitors from all over the world.
  • With over 200 guests, the voestalpine Böhler Welding “Solvator Award” ceremony was the heart of our mid-week evening program. The Solvator awards outstanding application and welding solutions.

    Our Application & Process knowledge is not only a very important part of our company’s success, but also one of the core pillars of our strategy. Our welding and metallurgical expertise is the backbone of our company. The Solvator awards the solutions developed by our teams in conjunction with our customers that significantly improved welding processes in term of productivity, health and safety and sustainability.

    Thomas Platzer, CSO

    Health & Safety and Productivity focus

    Across nine welding stations we showcased our latest and innovative product solutions, supported by our experienced technical employees.

    Main focus of our product developments was centered around the subject “Productivity”, where we demonstrated our Robotic- & Light Industrial Welding offerings (e.g. robotic integration, wheel- & railRunner, pipeRunner™) to support our customers to automate and improve their welding processes.

    Increasingly importance comes to “Health & Safety” topics. We presented our first product range on seamless flux cored wires with up to 60% reduced Manganese levels “diamondspark GUARD”, which combines welder protection with best weldability.

    More about PPE

    Böhler Welding has launched as first manufacturer globally a flux cored wire with extremely low-Mn levels combined with excellent weldability. We are One Step Ahead in protecting welders and the environment. Initial customer feedback gives us confirmation that we have launched a product that is in high demand.

    Filippo Campaci, Global Product Manager FCW

    Furthermore, the most remarkable highlight at our booth was the new CO-BRO® GUARD:

    The CO-BRO® GUARD is a new high-end technology equipment for collaborative robotic MIG-MAG welding. This revolutionary system is based on a fully enclosed cell featuring a comprehensive and user-friendly software interface integrating the Böhler Welding equipment, the collaborative robotic arm and all the accessories.

    More about CO-BRO® GUARD

    The overall feedback from our visitors on the exhibition booth, the displayed product solutions and our continuous further development to become a Full Welding Solutions Provider to support our customers to solve their welding challenges was very well received.

    Chief Sales Officer Thomas Platzer outlines the strategic direction:

    Our intention is to become the preferred Full Welding Solutions Provider for our customers to solve their complex welding challenges. The execution of our strategic development is based on our strong filler metals portfolio, paired with excellent application and metallurgical expertise, completed by Welding Equipment & Software as well as Personal Protective Equipment.

    The Perfect Weld Seam needs The Perfect Weld Team

    I am pleased to see the high interest in our industry.  It is not a surprise that the megatrend of semi- and fully automated welding took a large and prominent place. I am very proud of our voestalpine Böhler Welding team. Seeing them with our customers, present and future, observing their competence, their engagement – I can be grateful to our team.

    Stefan Glanz, CEO