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Experience Productivity-Boosts with our new welding carriages railRunner and wheelRunner and the highlights and benefits of long-lasting welding resulting in The Perfect Weld Seam

25 March 2024 | 

In a recent interview, Francesco Ciccomascolo explains the benefits and differences of the two new welding carriages railRunner and wheelRunner, which were presented at Schweißen and Schneiden 2023 in Essen. Find out all about the welding carriages and the perfect coordination of Böhler Welding equipment and consumables.

Francesco why have you included welding carriages railRunner and the wheelRunner in your portfolio? What exactly are the customer benefits of the two welding carriages?

Our expert Francesco Ciccomascolo, Manager of Full Welding Solution.

In recent years Böhler Welding has set out to become a full provider of welding solutions.  For us, this means that we fully understand the entire welding process and the integration of all welding components.

Therefore, the introduction of high performances welding carriages is only a natural consequence. Our goal is to achieve what we call the Perfect Weld Seam in terms of productivity, quality, sustainability and safety.

The benefits in general are the quick and easy set-up and installation of the welding carriages, which means that only minimal training and few simple operations are needed to position our wheelRunner and railRunner to create the Perfect Weld Seam.

A second major advantage is our single user interface. All the welding processes and movements are on a single control panel and, of course, our carriages are linked to our TERRA NX and URANOS NX power sources, making all programming easier.

Another great advantage, apart from the ease of use is, of course, the safety aspect. We have the high-voltage power feed directly at the workplace and do not need batteries. This also makes our welding carriages the safest in terms of the latest health and safety regulations, as this is of course one of our priorities.

For which applications would you recommend the railRunner in particular? 

The railRunner is a rugged and very efficient device. Any type of heavy-duty weld, whether fillet, butt or lap welds, can be welded profitably with this solution both on-site and in the workshop, thanks to the multi-option and programmable oscillator provided, and the versatile rigid and semi-rigid tracks. 

Any position is possible, including frontal, vertical and overhead, on straight and curved surfaces. railRunner performs best when making relatively long seams. Applications can be found in numerous industrial sectors, from beams and frames to tanks and other massive industrial components. 

What welding tasks would be specifically suitable for the wheelRunner? Which combination of consumables and welding process would boost productivity even further?

wheelRunner is mainly specialized in the execution of fillet and lap welds in a horizontal position, although other positions are also possible thanks to the optional magnetic base. Welds can be continuous or stitch-shaped. In the latter case, the wheelRunner can be programmed for length, with additional functions such as crater fill, pre and post-gassing , etc.

Frames, beams and stiffeners can be welded profitably with this solution both on-site and in the workshop.

The use of Bohler Welding’s special rapiDeep and QuickPulse processes in combination with Böhler Welding diamondspark cored wires and solid wires respectively, has shown that the productivity can be increased by more than 20% compared to standard processes and wires, achieving perfect bead shape fillet welds with optimum penetration and no undercut.

What are the benefits for the customer when using a voestalpine Böhler Welding welding carriage with Böhler Welding equipment and consumables?

After only few hours of training, our customers can experience a very user-friendly and rugged solution that can be easily adapted to their real application on site.

The Perfect Weld Seam is achieved thanks to specific Böhler Arc welding programs and productivity is further improved with Böhler Welding’s special processes such as rapiDeep and QuickPulse.

How do we help our customers increase their productivity and achieve the Perfect Weld Seam?

Of course, we do much more than just, provide these high-performance machines, integration with the welding equipment, excellent welding process and consumables.

We support our customers with a team of welding engineers, advise them on the welding parameters and provide technical proof that the Perfect Weld Seam can be really achieved with our solutions.