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diamondspark - our Recommendation for the Steel Construction Industry

10 September 2021 | 

Another month without any diamondspark thefts and we are ready to push our diamondspark wires for steel construction on the market.

With our best seamless cored wires for steel construction we offer:

  • Consistent Quality in high demanding applications
    • The diamondspark 52 MC is the perfect consumable for steel construction. The metal-cored wire is the most up-to-date development in terms of arc stability, arc length, feeding properties, chemical composition and mechanical properties, thanks to a consistent, highly controlled filling, which makes it particularly suitable for automatic & robotic applications.
  • Reliable Performance Quality in every project
    • diamondspark 52 RC, the best flux-cored wire for steel construction, offers dependable welding performance and exceptional mechanical properties. With approvals from all main bodies of approval (including the D1.8 seismic qualification) this is a wire you can rely on.
  • Up to 40% higher productivity
    • The combination of the diamondspark S 55 HP wire and the UV 418 TT flux offers welders the possibility to apply higher welding current and/or welding speed and thus reducing the arc time or number of passes – for a higher productivity of up to 40%.

The Best for the Best. Best Seamless Cored Wires for Best Welders.

diamondspark seamless cored wires are unique and unmatched in their quality and performance – that’s why everyone tries to have a diamondspark of their own.

For the original quality, you don’t have to steal or break into high security vaults – just give your local sales representative or distributor a call.

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