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diamondspark - the best seamless cored Wires for Shipyards

17 March 2022 | 

Get ready for the perfect match! This month we will put our focus on diamondspark products for the shipyard industry.

As you know, a wide variety of products are used in the shipbuilding industry. From unalloyed welding consumables in the hull to high-alloyed products for piping or exhaust cleaning systems. Whether using duplex stainless steel grades for chemical tankers or nickel-base grades for LNG tanks, Böhler Welding offers the right consumables and application technologies for shipyards and system suppliers.

Especially the following three wires & wire-flux combinations are suitable for shipbuilding steels A, B, D, E and A32-E36:

    • Seamless copper-coated flux-cored wire for single- or multipass welding of carbon- and high-strength steels up to a yield strength of 460 MPa (67 ksi).
    • diamondspark 46 RC was developed for modern shipyard requirements - the wire has excellent weldability, productivity for welding of low and medium alloyed steels using Argon-CO2 shielding gas or pure CO2.
    • The weld deposit has excellent mechanical properties till -30°C in mix gas and till -20°C in pure CO2 shielding gas. diamondspark 46 RC is approved with both shielding gases in the grade 3YSH5.
    • Seamless Metal cored wire for semi-automatic and fully automatic joint welding of unalloyed and fine-grained steels up to a yield strength of 460 MPa (67 ksi)..
    • For utilizing service temperatures from -30ºC to +450ºC.
    • This wire is designed for minimum oxide residues permitting the welding of multi passes without the need for inter-run cleaning.
    • diamondspark 46 MC features a stable, spray arc droplet transfer over a wide parameter box and shows very low spatter losses and an excellent bead appearance.
    • Seamless basic flux cored SAW wire/flux combination for submerged arc welding of unalloyed structural steels and fine-grained structural steels.
    • diamondspark S 56 HP:The weld metal demonstrates good toughness properties at low temperatures, which gives the fabricator the possibility to weld with high heat-input at high welding speed resulting in very high productivity.
    • Also suitable for 2-run technology where the combination shows an improved welding behavior (nicer bead appearance and higher welding speed) with good charpy toughness.
    • UV 400is an agglomerated, aluminate-basic flux. Its characteristic is a low Silicon and a middle Manganese pickup. It can be used on AC and DC. The good weld ability and the good mechanical properties offer a universal application.

Best possible protection and extremely low hydrogen content

As with all diamondspark products the seamless design offers the best possible protection against moisture reabsorption during storage and use of the wires and thereby against hydrogen-induced cracking. The diffusible hydrogen level is typically 1 - 3 ml / 100 g weld metal.

diamondspark. A cored wire of the highest quality and performance.

Designed by the leading pioneers in filler materials, diamondspark wires are tailored to match the highest requirements for demanding applications. diamondspark - The best seamless cored wires for the best welders.

Diamondspark seamless filler wires are unique and unsurpassed in quality and performance - that's why everyone tries to have their own diamondspark.

You don't have to break into a high-security vault for the original quality - just call your local sales representative or dealer. We'll be happy to help!