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CO-BRO® GUARD: Revolutionizing MIG/MAG Welding with our Collaborative Robotic Cell

17 November 2023 | 

In today's dynamic industrial landscape, innovation is the cornerstone of progress. At Böhler Welding, we're proud to introduce our latest game changer, the CO-BRO® GUARD – a revolutionary, fully enclosed collaborative robotic cell. This innovative system is designed to deliver flexibility, ease of use, optimum welding performance and maximum health, safety and environmental protection, making it a true industry leader.

Our vision at voestalpine Böhler Welding is deeply linked to our commitment to the health and safety of welders. The introduction of our pioneering product, the CO-BRO® GUARD, perfectly embodies this vision. This revolutionary collaborative robotic cell goes beyond traditional welding solutions. It offers full accessibility, easy handling and straightforward programming, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

But the real differentiator is its advanced fume extraction capabilities, which protect not only the welder, but everyone involved in the manufacturing process. By combining cutting-edge technology with a relentless focus on health and safety, we are fulfilling our vision of being a leading, reliable and credible partner to the welding industry, providing not only practical product solutions but also expert advice and support to our valued customers.

The Future of Welding is Here

The CO-BRO® GUARD is not just another welding solution; it's a technological leap forward. Let's explore what makes this collaborative robotic cell the future of MIG/MAG welding.

1. Intuitive User Interface

  • The CO-BRO® GUARD has an intuitive user interface that simplifies the programming of the robotic arm. In today's environment, where the demand for skilled welders and high-level operators often exceeds the supply, this feature ensures high-quality and repeatable welds. The CO-BRO® GUARD becomes your skilled assistant, ensuring that your welds meet the highest standards.

2. Experience The Perfect Weld Seam

  • The search for The Perfect Weld Seam ends with the CO-BRO® GUARD. This system combines our state-of-the-art welding processes, industry-leading filler metals and the Böhler Arc concept to ensure that every weld meets the highest quality standards.

3. Flexibility and Integration

  • One of the outstanding features of the CO-BRO® GUARD is its design. Not only is the system completely enclosed, it is also mobile. It can be easily moved with a manual forklift truck, making it adaptable to your changing production processes.

4. Plug and Play Welding Station

  • Setting up your welding station has never been easier. The CO-BRO® GUARD is designed as a plug and play system with a central power and utility supply, eliminating the trouble of complicated installations. You can concentrate on what you do best:  welding.

5. The Exclusive GUARD Enclosure

  • Safety is paramount. The CO-BRO®GUARD has an exclusive GUARD enclosure that separates the welding area from the rest of the workshop. This effectively reduces the impact of welding hazards on employees, creating a safer working environment for all.

6. Enhanced Productivity

  • The CO-BRO® GUARD's multiple doors and table divider provide the operator with full access to all operations during welding. This in turn increases productivity and flexibility, allowing you to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

7. Innovative Fume Extraction

  • The CO-BRO® GUARD's multi-stage fume extraction design ensures that welding fumes are efficiently removed from the work area. You can connect it to your low vacuum extraction system or equip it with an integrated high vacuum extraction system.

In conclusion, the CO-BRO® GUARD represents a paradigm shift in MIG-MAG welding technology. It is not just a welding solution; it is a transformative system that delivers the perfect weld, prioritizes health & safety and increases productivity. With an intuitive user interface and advanced fume extraction, it is the future of welding, available today.

    Stay ahead of the curve with Böhler Welding and the CO-BRO®GUARD – because your welds deserve nothing less than perfection.

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