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CO-BRO® FLEX – Where Collaboration Meets Flexibility

9 May 2024 | 

The CO-BRO® FLEX is a state-of-the-art workstation designed for collaborative MIG-MAG robotic welding. This advanced solution includes a comprehensive and intuitive software interface that integrates the latest generation of Böhler Welding's URANOS NX 5000 PME welding generator as well as a collaborative robotic arm and a range of accompanying accessories.

What sets CO-BRO® FLEX apart is that it embodies the concept of the collaborative robot, offering unrivalled flexibility, universal accessibility and remarkably easy programming. By combining innovation and functionality, this workstation ensures adaptability and flexibility.

Experience the following benefits:

  • Advanced Software: Maximum user-friendliness and flexibility in programming thanks to the wireless 4-button keypad, which minimizes the use of the touchscreen.
  • The Perfect Weld Seam: Combines the expertise of Böhler Welding and the seamless integration of collaborative robotics with Böhler Arc and special welding processes. 490 synergic welding programs are included for welding any material under any conditions.
  • Easy Plug & Play: Simply connect the CO-BRO® FLEX and the welding equipment to power grid and utilities.
  • High capacity: Suitable for larger dimensions and weights (up to 1000 kg) and thick structures.
  • Table divider inside: Possibility of carrying out welding and workpiece positioning operations simultaneously.
  • 360° accessible barrier: Easy positioning of bulky parts and complex shapes.

Francesco: What sets CO-BRO® FLEX apart?

CO-BRO® FLEX represents excellence in collaborative robotics in several aspects, such as software, ease of use and installation and  welding performances. The CO-BRO® FLEX programming software is the most user-friendly currently available on the market; with 4 buttons on the wireless keypad, the operator can easily create and modify programs with very limited use of other interfaces such as the touchscreen. At the same time, the cell is very portable and mobile and, thanks to its intelligent design, it can also  carry bulky parts and large dimensions.

As such it is also very suitable  for heavy industry. It carries everything on board and it is easy to transport thanks to the turnable rack for the welding equipment and the cylinders, without creating a mess of hoses, cables and harnesses. The advanced, top-of-the-range welding equipment URANOS NX 5000 PME has a large number of synergic welding programs for welding all steels and alloys.

Last but not least, our team of experts is on hand to provide our customers with installation training and technical support. In summary, CO-BRO® FLEX offers the perfect harmonization of collaborative automation, welding processes and consumables to achieve the best performance and the Perfect Weld Seam.

Francesco Ciccomascolo, Head of Full Welding Solutions

Unlock the potential of CO-BRO® FLEX and take a look at the details.

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