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Böhler Welding Linear Systems: wheelRunner, Power Sources and Filler Metals the Perfect Combination to boost your Success

4 March 2024 | 

A perfect combination of our welding carriage wheelRunner with our solid and cored wires, Böhler Welding power sources and Böhler Arc synergic lines, resulting in The Perfect Weld Seam.

The possible applications for fillet and lap welds are numerous including shipyards in heavy fabrication or the welding of large beams and frames, with only one goal in mind: to maximize your deposition rate.

wheelRunner delivers The Perfect Weld Seam with excellent bead shape, good penetration, no undercuts and minimal spattering and oxides.

Productivity boost needed?

Achieve a 27% higher deposition rate with QuickPulse with increased penetration and excellent bead shape.

Example on a 4 mm fillet weld:

Consumable Böhler EMK 8 Böhler EMK 8
Consumable type Solid Wire Solid Wire
Welding process ArcDrive QuickPulse
Shielding gas M21 M21
Welding position PB / 1F PB / 1F
Amp / Volt 340 A, 30 V 360 A, 32 V
WFS 11 m / min 14 m / min
Travel speed 50 cm / min 75 cm / min
Base material S355 S355
Wall thickness 8 mm 8 mm
a = 4 mm 4 mm
Deposition rate (kg/h) 5.9 7.5 (+27%)
Characteristics Good bead shape, good penetration, no undercuts, minimal spattering and oxides Accelerate productivity with our solid wire and QuickPulse. Increased penetration. Excellent bead shape, no undercuts. Minimal spattering and oxides
Böhler EMK 8 mit ArcDrive
Böhler EMK 8 welded with QuickPulse

Do you want to experience the Perfect Weld Seam? Just contact us and enjoy limitless productivity with our new welding carriages for heavy duty long lasting welding.

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