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Welding consumables for Maintenance & Repair

22 March 2021 | 

Repair of steels and cast irons - Discover our UTP maintenance products for joining & repair of mild steels, high manganese with elevated carbon content, cast irons by cold welding and much more.

Repair of steels

Coated electrode UTP 614 Kb

Coated electrode for joining, repair of cracks and broken parts made of mild steels Good mechanical properties

  • Double-coated stick electrode with good weldability even for welding out of position
  • Mild steels with yield strength up to 400 N/mm²
  • Joining of mechanical steel structures
  • Crack repair
  • Repair of defects

Coated electrode UTP 65 D

Coated electrode for joining, repair of cracks and broken parts made of steels and for weld overlays with high strength and an excellent weldability

  • Mild and low-alloyed steels with high mechanical properties
  • Joining steels with difficult weldability and spring steels
  • Dissimilar joints stainless/mild steels
  • Repair of gear teeth, cams and camshafts
  • Repair of bearing surfaces

Coated electrode UTP 63

Coated electrode for joining, repair of cracks and broken parts made of high manganese steels and for buffer layers

  • Mild steels with elevated carbon content
  • Tough buffer layers and build-ups beneath a hardfacing overlay
  • Dissimilar joints of steels with post weld heat treatment
  • Resistant to scaling up to 850°C
  • Weld overlay subjected to compressive stresses, impacts and rolling load
  • Build-up of crane wheels

Repair of cast irons

Coated electrode UTP 86 FN

Coated electrode type ferro-nickel with excellent weldability for joining, repair and weld overlay of ductile cast irons

  • Buffer layers and build-ups of spheroidal graphite cast irons
  • Joining of grey cast irons after a buffer layer with UTP 8
  • Joining cast iron to cast iron and cast iron to steel
  • Engine blocks, gear boxes of cast iron
  • Repair of deep drawing tools and housings

Coated electrode UTP 8

Coated electrode type pure nickel with excellent weldability designed for repair and weld overlay of lamellar graphite cast irons

  • Buffer layer prior welding with UTP 86 FN

Download the complete product informations here:

Welding consumables for Maintance & Repair (English (American) | pdf | 447,07 kB)