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The Best for the Best Dry System Packaging

9 March 2021 | 

Böhler Welding DRY SYSTEM is the efficient alternative for costly climate controlled storage and handling procedures, providing “oven dry” stick electrodes straight from the vacuum packaging.

Our customers benefit from:

  • guaranteed low-hydrogen weld metal.
  • the avoidance of costly climate controlled storage & handling and re-drying.
  • the possibility to check whether electrodes are within 9 hours of safe exposure.
  • various packaging sizes to match the consumption for numerous applications in the field.
  • sustainable and easy waste disposal with normal paper and metal waste.

Böhler Welding DRY SYSTEM avoids the necessity of re-drying, and use of holding ovens and quivers in welding applications with a potential risk of hydrogen induced or hydrogen assisted cracking. Safe welding with low-hydrogen weld metal is assured up to nine hours after opening the vacuum pack.

Using a stronger foil made of multi-layered aluminium, the Böhler Welding DRY SYSTEM offers maximum safety against loss of vacuum due to the undesired penetration of sharp objects during storage and use. Welders will notice immediately if the electrodes are still oven dry.

The inner carton has a tear flap for easy opening and the vacuum packs carry a special label for writing the welder’s name, date and time of opening.

With our Böhler Welding vacuum packaging DRY SYSTEM we are one step ahead! The DRY SYSTEM packaging allows a sustainable welding process through: different packaging units for the optimal quantity in the field, less residual amount, no energy waste for re-drying and easy disposal.” [Robin Götschl, Global Product Manager Stick Electrodes]

For more information visit our stick electrodes page.

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