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The Best for the Best
Best seamless cored Wires for Best Welders in Pipeline Welding

8 November 2021 | 

Our diamondspark cored wires for pipeline applications are reliable with consistent high quality performances.

Our diamondspark cored wires

for pipeline applications are reliable with consistent high quality performances.

They offer a unique and trustable solution in terms of arc stability and lower defect rates.
Precise alloy and slag concept ensure excellent welding performance and mechanical properties.

This month we want to present you 2 Products for Pipeline Welding out of our diamondspark range:

The Pipeline-products might be summarized under the tagline“Excellent welding performance and mechanical properties” but the whole range of benefits shows a clear superiority of our wires:


  • Low risk of HAC
  • Excellent current transfer
  • Less contact tip wear
  • Increase arc time
  • No wire breaks
  • No starting defects
  • Easy setting
  • Low defect rates
  • Low amount of silicates
  • Easy slag removal
  • Low and easy inter-run cleaning
  • Productive welding

More information on our diamondspark seamless cored wires for Pipeline Welding can also be found in our


diamondspark. A cored wire of highest quality and performance.

Designed by the leading pioneers in filler materials, diamondspark wires are tailored to match the highest requirements for demanding applications. diamondspark - The best seamless cored wires for the best welders.

A must see for all diamondspark user:

diamondspark seamless cored wires
 are unique and unmatched in their quality and performance – that’s why everyone tries to have a diamondspark of their own.

For the original quality, you don’t have to steal or break into high security vaults – just give your local sales representative or distributor a call.

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