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The Best for the Best
Best Stick Electrodes for Best Welders in Pipeline Welding

17 November 2021 | 

Did you know that more than 100.000 km of pipelines have been successfully welded with our filler metals?

Böhler Welding stick electrodes for pipeline welding

Cellulosic FOX CEL and basic vertical down BVD stick electrodes are specifically conceived and designed for the optimal pipeline welding:


  • Basic types FOX EV (vertical-up) and BVD (vertical-down) are characterized by outstanding mechanical properties including high CTOD values and easy handling.
  • Cellulosic electrodes are well recognized for providing excellent impact values and the best operability even under difficult weather. They are HIC and SSCC tested and can be used in sour applications.
  • Basic electrode FOX EV types are available in DrySystem™, which avoids re-drying before use!

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