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voestalpine Railway Systems Brazil Ltda.

voestalpine Railway Systems Brazil Ltda. (vormals voestalpine VAE Brasil Produto) ist ein Mitglied der voestalpine Railway Systems, dem Weltmarktführer für Weichensystemlösungen. In den 2 Werken in Brasilien, die sich in São Paulo und Bacabeira befinden, bieten wir neben den klassischen Produkten für Gleiswechselvorrichtungen in allen Schienenprofilen und Spurweiten auch spezielle Schienenbauteile wie Dehnungsfugen, Isolierstöße oder Übergangsfugenschienen an - intelligente und innovative Produkte mit integrierten Lösungen für absolut zukunftsfähige Systeme und Dienstleistungen.

About us

  • Since its IPO and international expansion in the mid-1990s, voestalpine was already aware of the Brazilian railway market and started its activities in Brazil through a representation to meet the growing demand from the new concessions created during that period. In the following years, this growth of the national market justified the creation of VAE Brasil from the acquisition of a national manufacturing company belonging to the Rohr group (Aço Trilho Ltda.), combining from then on the knowledge of the Brazilian market to the newest technology of the leader of the European railway segment; In a short period of time, VAE Brasil also became a leader in the national market. An important fact in the history of the Brazilian Railways was the introduction of the UIC technology, used in Europe for high-speed trains, transport of passengers, and heavy loads, which since then has been produced in Brazil.

    1998: Start of representative activities (Brazilian Holding + the German BWG)

    2005: Start of manufacturing activities in São Paulo with the local Turnouts Manufacture.

    2013: Inauguration of the Bacabeira/MA plant for the manufacture of Movable Point Frog TOs (Turnouts).

    In 2013, after the acquisition of 100% of VAE Brasil shares by the voestalpine VAE group, the company consolidates as the main supplier of railway equipment for permanent way. In the following year - 2014 - after the completion of the new plant in the city of Bacabeira (in the State of Maranhão), voestalpine starts the production of more than 400 units of Turnouts with JPM (Movable Point Frog) and Spare Parts.

    In the same year, a Support Center for the entire Signaling product line was created in the headquarters in São Paulo and the team of engineers and technicians was expanded to support the growing demand.

    2015: Absolute control of operations in Brazil by the Austrian voestalpine group.

    2018: Start of Service Provision activities, including: TOs (Turnouts) and Signalling.

    2021: Change of company name to voestalpine Railway Systems Brazil Ltda.

    As of 2021, we became voestalpine Railway Systems Brazil (vaRSBR). This change is based on voestalpine's decision to fully align its core railway competencies within the new business unit "Railway Systems" under a new global company name.



  • Numerous projects that voestalpine Railway Systems Brazil (vaRSBR) participates nowadays are a showcase of excellence of complete and integrated supplies combining all technology applied to the layout of the switches, not only with perfect automation, but also with Signalling equipment and solutions. The digitalization of the track is currently part of our collaborators' daily routine through project management tools that guarantee performance and on-time delivery for the most complex interfaces in the permanent way.

    In our two plants in Brazil, located respectively in São Paulo/SP and Bacabeira/MA, we offer intelligent and innovative products with integrated system solutions and services that are unequivocally future-proof. In addition to classic Turnout products in all rail profiles and gauges, we also manufacture special rail components such as expansion joints, glued insulated joints, joints or transition rails.

    In addition to domestic manufacturing, we represent numerous solutions developed by the voestalpine Railway Systems Group for increasing technological demands - for automated and self-adjusting systems and checks, in the fields of Urban Mobility (Metros and TRAM), Freight Traffic and Mixed Traffic, thus improving the availability and service life of the rails, which are expected to play an increasingly important role in these sectors in the coming years. Every portfolio produced according to the world's leading standards or customer specifications.

    We provide more efficient mobility with High-Tech Rail Solutions.



Chief Executive Officer | CEO

José Augusto Vaneli Nogueira

Chief Technical Officer | CTO

Our mission and vision

Develop, manufacture and market Turnouts, components and spare parts for the railway system.

voestalpine Railway Systems Brazil wants to be recognized as the largest and best Turnout manufacturer, supplier of signaling equipment and integrated solutions for permanent railways in South America, providing an essential contribution to the development of metro-railways on the continent and a fair return to its investors.

Our values

  • We only offer excellent technological solutions;
  • We seek to retain and develop professionals who want to grow as people and together with the company;
  • We want to develop suppliers who are long-term partners and want to grow together with us;
  • We will always follow the rules of the code of good conduct in letter and spirit;
  • Actions to reduce the environmental impacts of our business;


voestalpine Railway Systems Brazil seeks full customer satisfaction through the total quality of its products and valuing the consultation and participation of workers and their representatives, being committed to:

  • the protection and prevention of the environment,
  • the provision of safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and health problems,
  • the elimination of hazards and risk reduction,
  • compliance with legal and other stakeholder requirements,
  • valuing human beings, solidifying partnerships and
  • continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System.
  • The scope of voestalpine Railway Systems Brazil was defined through the study carried out in the Strategic Deployment with Business Vision and covers design, development, manufacture and marketing of switches, components and accessories for metro-rail systems, as well as the marketed items (resale materials), which follow the same control systematics applied to those manufactured in-house. The Integrated Management System is guided by the standards NBR ISO 9001:2015, NBR ISO 14001:2015 and NBR ISO 45001:2018, its structure comprises general requirements of the Management Integrated System, specific requirements of quality, environment, health and occupational safety, taking into consideration all internal and external issues that affect its purpose, its strategic direction, stakeholder requirements and its ability to achieve the results of the integrated management system.

    All the requirements of NBR ISO 9001:2015, NBR ISO 45001:2018 and NBR ISO 14001:2015 are applicable to voestalpine Brazil in the Bacabeira unit, in all its activities, including the processes interrelated to the São Paulo unit, as well as at the level of control/influence to its contractors, subcontractors and visitors, there being no exclusion.

    All the requirements of the NBR ISO 9001:2015 standards are applicable to voestalpine Brazil in the São Paulo unit in all its activities, as well as, at the level of control/influence to its outsourced, contractors and visitors, for the requirements of the NBR ISO 14001:2015 and NBR ISO 45001:2018 standards -  only the requirements are applied in the processes with interrelation to the Bacabeira unit.