Terms and Conditions

As a reliable partner, we also feel responsible in our dealings with customers, suppliers, employees and other business partners. Please refer our Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct documents below.

The voestalpine Group has continually expanded its compliance activities since it went public in 1995. In the interest of all stakeholders, such as shareholders and employees, these activities are aimed at protecting the company from huge financial damages and a considerable loss of reputation.

The voestalpine Group has been running regular training courses in antitrust law since 2002. A key measure which came into effect in 2009 was the introduction of a  Code of Conduct  governing all employees. All Group managers were required to ensure that their areas of responsibility are run in compliance with legal and corporate standards.

We have set down perfectly clear, high standards that show our customers, suppliers and shareholders, that voestalpine Group employees are reliable, fair, open partners

CEO Wolfgang Eder
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