CERAtex enables different designs to be produced from the same tool. In conventional production methods the tool determines how the structure looks. CERAtex adds a ceramic coating to create the surface texture.

This technology enables users to enhance an almost infinite range of products by adding customised surface textures. This ceramic process facilitates true-to-original design reproduction at unbeatably short reproduction lead times. CERAtex can be removed at any time from the tool without leaving residues and be re-applied without the need for additional polishing, modified wall thicknesses or similar.

Features of CREAtex

  • Turning ideas into reality
  • Design studios in UK, Germany and India
  • From initial design concept to product feasibility
  • Fully integrated service

Giving Expression to Ideas

Expressing your ideas is our motivation. Aesthetic and functional surfaces can be developed unbelievably quickly with the latest graphics processing and plotted on plastics with a wide range of colours using 3D print technology. Surface textures developed in a 3D print process can also be transferred to components with a high degree of reproducibility with Eschmann Textures prototype modelling.

This leads to a significant reduction in the decision-making process for our customers. The right technology can be selected for the subsequent tool processing depending on the demands placed on tool geometry and design.

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