Stress Relieving

Micro stresses embedded in the material from the machining process must be relieved in order to reduce the risk of cracking and deformation.

Stress Relieving is the process which is carried out to remove the mechanically induced stress. It should be performed twice to get maximum benefit, once after rough machining and then again before semi-finish machining.

The relief of the stresses from rough machining can cause some changes to tool dimensions that can then be corrected in the semi-finish machining step. For large and heavy inserts with complex geometries, these stresses might lead to cracking during heat treatment.

The stress relieving process involves: 

– Raise the tool material temperature to 650 ° C
– Then soak it for specific time depending on the thickness of tool
– After the soaking it should be cooled down slowly in the furnace
– Later cool to normal room temperature by keeping it in ambiance

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