Metallurgical inspection:


  • Conducting regular metallographic Inspection for Tool Steels / HSS taken up for heat treatment. Providing metallographic structure with reports for samples given by customers as a specific requirement ..
  • Providing Micro graphs for Micro Structure Study, Decarb Layer measurements, Grain Size Measurements, Macro Examinations and Inclusion Ratings.
  • Field technical complaints will be taken up to the investigation of steel / HSS having more focused on delivering application based solutions carried out with the state of the art equipment in our technical services.
  • All metallurgical measuring equipment is backed up with standard certification sample of cross verification for the specific grades.
  • The metallurgical measuring equipment is an annual maintenance to fulfill the Quality Management System requirements …


  • By Enhancing customer experience as a continuous process. Development projects are in line pipe applications like Die casting, Press tooling, Plastic molding and Etc .. having specific scope of measuring real time performance, which provides good monetary benefits by improving tool life.
  • Specific surface engineering is to improve the tooling of surfaces.