AM Single-Body Distributors & Distributor Rings

We provide HPDC industry with installation ready AM single-body distributors & distributor rings. Made from BÖHLER W360 AMPO these AM parts contain our unique Internal cooling system designs and have been proven to be an excellent solution for the effective extraction of heat from the tool body. When combined with our high performance alloys, AM is an excellent solution to reduce cycle times and increase productivity in many HPDC applications.

Advantages of our high performance AM solutions

  • High performance AM cooling systems enhance the rapid solidification of the injection material, resulting in improved cast structure with less defects.
  • Reduced thermal loads results in longer tool
    life by reducing galling, soldering and heat checking behaviour.
  • Applying optimised AM cooling solutions to parts around the gate results in faster material solidification and helps shorten the cycle time.
  • The superior material properties of BÖHLER W360 AMPO has been proven to significantly improve tool life when compared to conventional material grades.

Customer benefits in short

  • Improved Cycle time: various case studies showed an improvement of 2-3 seconds
  • Reduced Maintenance effort: various case studies showed significant less cleaning effort; 5-10 cent savings per part possible
  • Increased Life-time: various case studies showed an increase of 50-100%

BÖHLER W360 AMPO – The material of choice for HPDC

This proprietary grade has been designed to outperform many traditional tool steels such as 1.2709 (Maraging 300), 1.2343 ESR (H11) and 1.2344 ESR (H13).

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