Textured Surface Coating for Many Years of Application

The quality and optics of a plastic surface are affected by many parameters in the production process. New design trends can reach their limits caused by restrictions to tools or material. This is where the coatings from Eschmann Textures come into play: Higher wear resistance, longer service life and improved filling ability optimize material and substance properties in production and thus ensure a constantly high quality – to ensure that your products stay in trend.

G-Coat - Added Value for Plastic Surfaces

Innovating coating technology for optimized injection molding production.

The new G-Coat coating process reduces process-related problems in the production of plastics such as “tiger striping”, shine spots or micro-ghosting. It can used in the combination with all standard plastic molding steels and aluminum on chemically etched and/or lasered surface textures and specially for PP-based plastic substrates.

A benefit for users aiming to produce high-quality surface and reduce reject rate.

Eschmann Textured Surface Coating GCoat
Eschmann Textured Surface Coating Cera-mat

Cera-Mat - High Quality Look of Surface

Elegance you can see and feel

Cera-Mat is a flexible coating process for injection molding applications. This technology can significantly reduce shine to a nearly lacquer-like finish without changing the surface’s basic texture. It can enhance or completely replace conventional gloss reduction process like Eschmann Textures MatDown. Tools coated with Cera-mat are easy to protect from corrosion using a VCI powder.

Use cera-mat to create elegant product finishes that look sophisticated and high class.

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