Laser Technology - Endless diversity

Haptically and visually appealing surfaces for almost all types of plastic products:   The innovative 5-axis LaserTec process from Eschmann Textures uses laser ablation where a laser beam removes layer by layer from the tool surface of a plastic injection die. This produces multi-layered surface textures, ranging from complex architectural or geometric patterns to textile, natural patterns and fine textures. This method is also suitable for manufacturing functional surfaces such as for light reflection, friction, aerodynamics, etc.

Our team of specialists realises textures, engravings, micro textures, markings and inscriptions from 2D to complex 3D geometries in the shortest possible time.

Our laser technology centre in Wiehl can process tools with weights of up to 20 tonnes. We also offer 5-axis LaserTec services at our locations in France (Viry) and UK (Glossop) as well as worldwide with carefully selected project partners and we hope to offer LaserTec soon in India.

Complex technical, geometric textures are lasered directly onto the surface using greyscales to optimise their look and feel.

The greater the number of processing stages, the more sculptural the texture is.

Graphics are lasered in paint and conventionally etched.

“Fit to form”: alignment of the texture and optimisation of properties over the complete die contour in close dialogue with the customer, if necessary.

Matt-gloss effects can be achieved with a combination of high gloss and fine texture.

A depth effect can also be produced with effective shallow texture depth.

Micro-decoration of tools: with (ultra-)fine texture, logos and lettering, technical textures, and more.

Also for functional surfaces.

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