Etching Technology
Etching Technology

Etching technology is a traditional craftsmanship used to apply textures to metal surfaces by means of chemical reaction. This technology is used in particular for the further treatment or finishing of plastic injection moulding dies made of steel or – to a limited extent NF metals. Skilled craftsmanship, decades of experience as well as the ongoing development of the technology ensure that customers’ design and functionality requirements are met.

Our customers can now select suitable surfaces from a wide range of patterns or develop individual textures based on these patterns. Our design & development department will support your ideas – from the initial design through to implementation. Prototypes or initial patterns visualise surface textures during the manufacturing process.

Expertise gained from decades of experience

Chemical Photofilm Etching

The process involves printing graphics onto transparent material and transferring them by hand to the plastic injection mold contour. Distortions or faults are retouched seamlessly by specialist.

In the acid bath which follows, areas which are not covered by the print Colour are removed. So-called multilayer textures and very sculptural, natural surfaces can be created using multiple etchings.

Prototypes or initial patterns visualize surface textures during the manufacturing process.

Eschmann Etching Technology

Etching technology: at a glance

  • Ideal for large surfaces and simple geometries
  • Material removal by means of a chemical reaction (acids on metallic surfaces); areas not to be etched are accurately covered
  • Multi-layer etchings are feasible
  • Heavily dependent on the material (steel) used and the die contour
  • Structural limits in the die must be precisely defined
  • Requires polish grades of at least 600 – 800 emery
  • Production-related tolerances of up to +/- 10 µm are required
  • Available worldwide
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