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Success story of a multi-talent: Mike combines technology and law

Success story of a multi-talent: Mike combines technology and law

Mike speaks the language of technicians as well as legal German and puts his talent to good use to build bridges and much more. He first delved into technology and steel at major international construction sites in his youth and acquired a lasting affinity for it. Now, as a technician and lawyer, he is responsible for overseeing correct, tested, and accountable processes so that fantastic process plants can continue to be built and operated at our company.

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Mike has been part of the voestalpine team since 2002 and helps build structures and plants with his skills. He works in the Steel Division at the interface between technology and law and works with experts in both fields in their respective specialist languages, translating between them.

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Versatilely positioned

As a teenager he accompanied his father on the job and also on construction sites abroad, living in the camp with the construction workers’ families, where he learned how to build large structures. At that time, work was carried out under very risky conditions. At the age of 16, Mike worked as a locksmith and welder for numerous internships and holiday jobs. His love of adventure, fascination for construction sites, and technical know-how remains undiminished today. Despite pursuing a technical education, he continued on to join the legal profession.

After completing my law degree, I wanted to combine the fields of technology and law and applied to my dream company voestalpine. The plan worked

Mike K.
Head of the Public Authorities Management department

Proactive communication

Back then, he applied on his own initiative and we quickly found a place for the multi-talent in our company. Today, Mike is head of the Public Authorities Management department and is responsible, among other things, for the legal construction and operation of our plant and buildings at the sites in Linz, Steyrling, and Traisen. The team of seven is very familiar with a whole range of regulatory and legal texts on the topics of air, noise, vibration, waste, and many more.

He coordinates the necessary secure processes internally with roughly 70 process managers and 50 experts.

We manage communications with public authorities centrally and we are also responsible for ensuring that the plants obtain the relevant regulatory approvals in good time.

Mike K.
Head of the Public Authorities Management department
procedures annually

Calculated on equal terms

More than 100 public authority projects are being implemented on schedule for greentec steel, Austria’s largest climate action program alone. Mike and his team therefore plan the public authorities’ capacities into their time management as delayed approval procedures throw us into disarray and cost a lot.

#OurFavoriteThings—what excites Mike:

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Transparency

Precise and independent

For his demanding job he needs a good understanding of technology and law, analytical thinking, and accurate time management. He likes it when every working day is different, his work is valued and he can help shape the future of the company. He emphasizes the fact that he can work independently and think outside the box. What does he have to say about his day-to-day work?

It’s stressful and challenging, but at the end of the day I am often amazed by what can be achieved with such a small team.

Mike K.
Head of the Public Authorities Management department

If someone needs a break at short notice, a team member jumps in and picks up the task, working transparently, flexibly, and purposefully. This cohesion is what turns colleagues into voestalpine colleagues, part of one big family.

Be yourself!

He advises young people to pinpoint their values and interests and to compare them with those of the company. Being honest with yourself and the people around you allows you to focus on what really matters.

Image Campaign#OurFavoriteThings

Energy, greentec steel, education, sustainability, innovation and, first and foremost, people: all core elements of our latest brand campaign. By moving away from technical datasheets demonstrating our capabilities and turning to real stories, the campaign offers insights into the world of our employees—the people who, as part of the voestalpine team, play a key role in the company’s success. They speak about what excites and moves them—our favorite things, if you will.

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