For whatever is being built anywhere in the world: SCHWING-Stetter is on board.

For more than 85 years, the company has been passionate about the world‘s most important building material: Concrete. SCHWING-Stetter offers premium products for the entire range of ready-mix concrete technology from production to transport, placement and environmentally friendly concrete recycling.


Photograph from left to right: Daniel Neumann (Schwing GmbH), Horst Jöbstl (Schwing GmbH), Wolfgang Mitterdorfer (voestalpine Steel Division), Arnold Ackerlauer (voestalpine Steel & Service Center GmbH), Jürgen Lechfellner (voestalpine Grobblech GmbH)


A solid partnership.


SCHWING-Stetter is found worldwide in more than 75 countries with production and service locations. The site in St. Stefan houses the largest SCHWING production plant for truck-mounted concrete pumps and is the center of competence for hydraulics and machine components. voestalpine supplies high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels for dynamically stressed components. 

But the joint venture goes beyond that: In collaboration with technical universities, SCHWING-Stetter and voestalpine have continuously developed welding processes and have become the technology leader in this field.

The trend is clearly toward slimmer and lighter components. We are continually optimizing our expertise in the processing of high-strength steels. voestalpine is the perfect partner for us in this respect.

Horst Jöbstl (Managing Director of SCHWING GmbH in St. Stefan)

Product innovation and enthusiasm for technology and sustainability drive us forward. These values have always connected SCHWING-Stetter and voestalpine and are the basis for our successful partnership.

Arnold Ackerlauer (Machinery Industry Sales, voestalpine Steel & Service Center GmbH)