Extreme performance at low weights


The alform® grades are thermomechanically rolled, weldable, bendable, fine-grained structural steels. They combine the toughness properties of thermomechanically rolled fine-grained structural steels with the excellent bendability of cold-forming steels.


Weight and volume reduction

The reduced material thickness leads to light weight and smaller volume, which is a cost-saving advantage in all alform® steel grades.


Best cutability

We have designed the production technologies used in making high-strength and ultra-high-strength alform® steel grades to minimize and avoid residual stresses during thermal cutting. The low carbon content and homogeneous surface make these high-strength and ultra-high-strength alform® steel grades suitable for all conventional cutting methods.


Very good cold formability

Their high level of hardness is adjusted by means of accelerated cooling after hot rolling (direct hardening) or through conventional quenching. We prefer direct hardening because this method improves toughness and reduces scale formation.


Excellent toughness

Our modern alloying strategies with optimized carbon equivalents guarantee good weldability, a factor that especially applies to direct-hardened alform® steels. Preheating can be completely eliminated for lower sheet thicknesses.


Perfect flatness

Excellent flatness is achieved through precisely controlled rolling processes in combination with modern leveling units and production-route-based temper softening. Freedom from inner tension is highly advantageous during cutting and further processing and achieves optimized dimensional accuracy of the manufactured components.


Clean surface

A uniform layer of scale forms on the sheet surface following hot rolling in our process route. The natural protective layer acts against corrosion during transport and can easily be removed through sand blasting.