Normalized-rolled steels with excellent cold formability

Normalized-rolled alform® steels achieve the listed mechanical properties, even in as-delivered condition and after being additionally normalized. Compliance with narrowest manufacturing requirements yields perfect processing results. Depending on their respective strength class, these steels are employed for deep drawing, profiling and edging etc. in a wide variety of applications.

These steel grades comply with all requirements of comparable steels pursuant to EN 10025-2.


Convincing advantages

  • Very good suitability for cutting, punching and forming
  • Very good weldability because of low carbon equivalent

  • Improved properties with narrower limits than those of comparable standard steels


Maximum width per thickness
Minimum width 900 mm
alform 180 N1,6001,6201,6201,6201,6201,6201,620
alform 200 N1,6001,6201,6201,6201,6201,6201,620
alform 240 N1,6001,6201,6201,6201,6201,6201,620
alform 280 N1,4801,6201,6201,6201,6201,6201,620
alform 340 N/NE1,2701,3801,5001,6101,6201,6201,620
alform 355 N/NE1,2701,3801,5001,6101,6201,6201,620
alform 380 N/NE1,2701,3801,5001,6101,6201,6201,620

(Cut-to-length sheets made of hot-rolled strip)


Tensile test

Tensile test
Yield strength Reh
[%] min.
Yield strength Rp0,2
[%] min.
Tensile strength Rm
[%] min.
[%] min.
alform 180 N180 - 290280 - 3602834
alform 200 N200 - 320-320 - 4002632
alform 240 N240 - 360-360 - 4702328
alform 280 N280 - 420-430 - 5302126
alform 340 N/NE340 - 485-460 - 5702025
alform 355 N/NE355 - 500-470 - 5802025
alform 380 N/NE380 - 520-510 - 6101924

(Cut-to-length sheets made of hot-rolled strip)

Tensile test transverse to rolling direction For a non-distinct offset yield strength and in arbitrary cases, an Rp0.2 elongation of A80 applies to thicknesses less than 3 mm and A5 to thicknesses greater than or equal to 3 mm.

Notch impact energy and edging radii

Notch impact energy
Edging radii
Notch impact energy 1) Av
Edging radii Ri min.
at 90° edging
Location of bending edge in direction of rolling
(s = sheet thickness)
Test temperature
of -20 °C
Test temperature
of -40 °C
s < 3 mm
s 3 - 6 mm
s > 6 mm
alform 180 N--0.25 s0.5 s1.0 s
alform 200 N--0.25 s0.5 s1.0 s
alform 240 N27-0.25 s0.5 s1.0 s
alform 280 N40-0.25 s0.5 s1.0 s
alform 340 N/NE40273)0.25 s0.5 s1.0 s
alform 355 N/NE40273)0.25 s0.5 s1.0 s
alform 380 N/NE40273)0.25 s0.5 s1.0 s

(Cut-to-length sheets made of hot-rolled strip)

1) Av minimum mean value from three samples (ISO-V, longitudinal) as related to full-size specimen
    (10 x 10 mm).
2) Smallest permissible inside radius at 90° edging, Ri min.
3) Values at -40 °C are guaranteed for limited dimension ranges and material is labeled ME.

Notch impact energy tests on thicknesses < 6 mm do not comply with respective Euronorm standards. The notch impact energy can be measured upon request for orders of sheet thicknesses ≥ 3 mm.