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Continuous Casting Machines

Quality steel products come from Donawitz - state-of-the-art continuous casting systems make this possible.

Our pre-block systems can be used to react flexibly and quickly to customer requirements. The casting of the liquid steel takes place in one of the most modern pre-block systems.

Liquid steel flows from the casting ladle into the distributor and is divided into individual strands. Depending on the customer's requirements, it is possible to cast in different casting formats. The mould shape determines the final format. This increases efficiency and versatility. The entire heat of the steel is dissipated by primary and secondary cooling. 3 electromagnetic stirring coils in and under the mould as well as in the strand improve the uniformity of the microstructure across the casting cross-section. The strands are cut to the desired length with flame cutting devices brought to the desired weight. The hard stamping enables a clear material allocation and seamless tracking.


Process monitoring at every production phase guarantees safety and reliability. The high technical effort is worth it – the customer gets what he needs: Continuous quality.

At the Donawitz plant, up to 1.65 million euros are invested each year. Tons of pre-blocks of the formats 230 mm round as well as 360 x 270 mm and 440 x 330 mm are produced.

The new Dimension in Quality - Continuous Casting Machine CC4

The new bloom continuous casting machine CC4 will be the new heart of steel production in Donawitz in 2020. This is the world's most modern and fully digitized system of its kind and offers premium quality through a globally unique combination of plant and process technology. Further continuous casting systems are the CC3 continuous casting machine, a five-strand pre-block system, and the CC2 continuous casting machine, a three-strand pre-block system. In future, the CC2 will be replaced step-by-steb by the new CC4 continuous casting machine.

Continuous casting machines overview:

  • The new continuous casting machine CC4
    The new continuous casting machine CC4

    The new bloom continuous casting machine CC4 is currently the world's most modern plant of its kind and fully complies with Industry 4.0 standards. With the globally unique combination of state-of-the-art plant and process technology, a further increase in quality in the production of steel grades for the most demanding products is possible in the future.

    The CC4 allows a fully automated production process as well as fully automated manipulation and loading of continuous casting blocks.

    The fully digitized system allows the finest control of the parameters in terms of purity and microstructure homogeneity and an expansion of the product portfolio to 9% alloy content. Rail steels, tubular steels, steels for cold forming, ball bearing steels, spring steels in "Super-Clean" quality are among these.

    The machine at a glance:

    • 4 lines
    • Initial operation: 2020
    • Electromagnetic stirrer (coil, under the mould and swamp)
    • Straight mould
    • Hydraulic oscillator
    • Air-mist – secondary cooling
    • High intermediate tank capacity (up to 38 tons) with argon cladding
    • Automatic addition of casting powder
    • Soft and hard reduction
    • State-of-the-art automation and communication technology


    Distribution capacity 30 tons
    Capacity 1 Mio. tons per year
    Casting speed up to 1.7 m per minute
    Casting formats / Dimensions 440 x 330 mm, 360 x 270 mm and Ø 230 mm
    Quality broad product portfolio with high purity and homogeneity
    Casting arc radius 10. 5 m
  • The Continuous casting machine CC3
    The Continuous casting machine CC3

    The machine at a glance:

    • 5 lines
    • Curved mould
    • Hydraulic oscillator
    • Air manure - secondary cooling
    • Electromagnetic stirrers (mould and swamp)


    Distribution capacity 25 tons
    Dimensions 390 mm x 283 mm and Ø 230 mm
    Capacity 1.25 million tons per year
    Initial operation 2000