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As voestalpine, we plan to gradually switch from the coal-based blast furnace route to a green electricity-based electric steel route starting in 2027. This switch alone an significantly reduce CO2 emissions from steel production at the two voestalpine sites by around 30%. This corresponds to a saving of around 3 to 4 million tons of COper year, or almost 5% of Austria's CO2 emissions.

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Preparatory work for climate -friendly steel production in the Pestalozzistraße area

In addition to the connection to electricity generated from green energy sources, green steel production also requires the increased use of scrap instead of ore. This sustainably conserves non-renewable resources and makes a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in steel production.

As already reported, the site clearance necessary for the routing and the required substations began on October 10. The next preparatory measure involves excavations in the area of Pestalozzistrasse, where the construction of a scrap yard is planned. The planned enclosure of the scrap yard and the future routing of the track system in a tunnel will result in a reduction of noise emissions for residents.

voestalpine Stahl Donawitz starts preparatory work for climate-friendly steel production

voestalpine is committed to the climate goals and would like to make its contribution to reducing COemissions with greentec steel. IN order to enable a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, a fundamental technological change in steel production is necessary: replacing coal with green energy from sustainable energy sources. In the future, steel will no longer be produced using the LD (Linz-Donawitz) process, but with the help of what is known as electric arc furnance technology. Based on the approval of the Supervisory Board of voestalpine AG in spring 2023, a new electric arc furnace is scheduled to go into operation at the Donawitz site as early as 2027.

The routing and the construction of the necessary substations, which are required both for the grid support of the region of Leoben and for the integration of extensive photovoltaic wind power expansion projects within the region of Leoben/Trofaiach into the public grid, will be carried out by APG (Austrian Power Grid) and by Energie Steiermark Netze GmbH. For this purpose, the area of Haldenstraße (above Vordernbergstraße), the building site will be cleared. The first step will be the officially approved clearing of 18,000 m2 from October 10, 2022.

In addition, in Linz and Donawitz, voestalpine is researching innovative production technologies based on hydrogen as an energy source in order to be able to switch to CO2-neutral steel production in the long term.