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Pig Iron Production

Donawitz is the largest and most historic location for the production of long product in Austria. The company produces 100% continuous casting material on the classic blast furnace - LD steel - route.

The basis of resource- and environmentally-friendly pig iron production is decades of know-how in metallurgy, continuous development of process technologies and the commitment of our employees.

  • Through planning, scheduling, unloading, storage and internal logistics, we supply our plants with around 3.5 million tons of raw materials every year - coal, ores, pellets, coke, additives and recycling materials.
  • With our sintering plant we produce up to 1.7 million tons of sinter per year and in the blast furnaces we melt 1.65 million tons of pig iron per year - the basis for the production and further processing of steel.

In the sintering plant, sintering is produced from domestic ore, imported ore and limestone split. Sinter is used in blast furnaces together with coke, import minerals and other additives. 2 blast furnaces produce 3,500 – 4,500 tons of pig iron every day. The pig iron is transported to the steel plant by means of pipe pans. Before the pig iron is used in the LD converters, it is desulphurized to the desired target sulphur contents.