voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe

vSME (voestalpine Speicalty Metals Europe GmbH) is on its way to become the number 1 service provider for specialty metals in Europe for the Aerospace, Energy, Oil & Gas/CPI and Mechanical Engineering segments. We are your ambitious partner in the international market for the production, distribution and processing of nickel and titanium alloys as well as special stainless steels with demanding technological properties.

voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe (vSME) is a subsidiary of voestalpine AG, a world leading technology group with almost 50,000 employees and a turnover of more than 15 billion Euro. 

Willy Schleich
Managing Director
Dr. Ingo Siller
Managing Director


Experts for Specialty Metals

voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe is specialized in high performance materials including nickel alloys, special stainless steel, special alloys and titanium. Here we deliver innovative and customer-specific solutions for demanding applications.  

We produce our high-quality products in our own mills or purchase them from our certified network of premium suppliers. voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe supports you from the initial conception of a prototype to a ready-to-install series product.  This enables us to always provide our customers with the best technical solution and support. 

We offer just-in-time solutions, customized inventory management and consignment warehousing to ensure our customers can operate as efficiently as possible. Our corporate network is strategically situated in all key locations throughout Europe. Our specialized and international network ensures that we work rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively. This simplified supply chain complexity saves effort, time and money, creating value for our customers. 

Our diverse value chain

Current oil and gas production places extreme demands on the materials. The main factors are high pressure, large temperature differences and corrosion. There is only a limited range of materials which can withstand these demands. voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe has such special materials in stock or can manufacture them according to your individual needs. 

Today, safety standards in the oil and gas industry are similar to these of the aerospace industry. We can deliver your customized product, including all required approvals and certificates. 

The chemical process industry comprises companies from various sectors, as well as their suppliers. This requires the maximum degree of flexible and individual solutions for materials and products, which voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe supports by providing plates, bars, forgings, seamless rolled rings and ready-to-use components. 

The German machinery and engineering industry is a leading export and innovation sector. As a result of our customized material and product solutions as well as our high level of service, voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe is an integral part of this sector with regard to the delivery of plates, bars, forgings and ready-to-install components. 

The importance of efficient energy generation is increasing steadily due to both the constantly growing demand for energy and strict environmental regulations. High pressure and increasing process temperatures are two important factors to consider when making improvements in efficiency, and this necessitates the use of superalloys with exceptional properties. 

Thanks to our remarkable performance in the field of special materials, voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe has established framework contracts with global energy groups, and we also manage their inventories. 

Whether airplanes or rockets, the European aerospace industry is one of the most important sectors and is characterized by steady growth. For most aerospace projects, companies from various countries work together over a long time period.  

voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe is certified according to all international quality standards and customer specifications for the aerospace industry, and has one of the worlds´ largest warehouses for this sector.

Whether on the water or beneath the ocean surface, naval technology has unique requirements with regard to strength and corrosion resistance. For decades we have been part of this innovative sector. Besides pressure hulls for submarines, voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe also supplies numerous components for shipbuilding, as well as super-yacht components manufactured from special materials. 

The main purpose of basic research is to gain new insights into the underlying origin of facts and phenomena. Extremely strong magnetic fields and cryogenic temperatures demand special materials with exceptional physical as well as technological properties. With our innovative material and product solutions, we are committed to providing assistance for basic research and moving closer to understanding our origins. voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe serves basic research with innovative material and product solutions.

The growing use of electronic equipment in cars requires an increasing number of sensors and measurement techniques, which can only be implemented by using alloys with special physical properties. Higher combustion temperatures enhance the efficiency of motors, while the demands on the material used are constantly rising. Nickel based alloys and titanium are also increasingly used in motorsports. High-temperature resistant nickel and titanium alloys from the voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe portfolio are already an integral part of every vehicle.  

Medical technology is one of the most complex sectors in the world, with more than 400,000 medical products in use: instruments, implants, dental products and proton therapy help to improve our lives. Safety and quality standards are extremely high. Our experience and expertise in the field of medical technology guarantees you the highest level of quality and reliability.  voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe is able to supply all necessary documentation.

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