Our materials play a decisive role in the aircraft industry. Sophisticated materials make air travel not only safer, but also significantly more sustainable. voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe provides the aerospace industry with the materials and services required, in any desired alloy and size.

Every step of the service is in our hands in order to secure quality at the highest level.

Our specialist team of global key account and supply chain managers has direct access to material producers and the global voestalpine network of approved distribution centres, ensuring the delivery of tailor-made solutions to our customers.

Special material grades including special stainless steels as well as nickel and titanium alloys can be supplied in many forms, from bars, billets, sheets and plates to custom made parts engineered by Enpar Special Materials.

Böhler Grade Market Grade Material UNS DIN
BÖHLER N695SA 440C 1.3544.3 S44004 X102CrMo17
BÖHLER N352 431 1.4404.6 S43100 X17CrNi16-2
BÖHLER N360 X30 1.4108 S42027 X30CrMoN15-1
BÖHLER N709 PH 13-8Mo 1.4534 S13800 X3CrNiMoAl13-8-2
BÖHLER N700SA 17-4 PH 1.4542 S17400 X5CrNiCuNb17-4-4
BÖHLER N701 15-5 PH 1.4545 S15500 X5CrNiCuNb15-5-4
BÖHLER A750 AISI 347 1.4546 S34700 X5CrNiNb18-10

Böhler Grade Market Grade Material UNS DIN
BÖHLER A750 AISI 347 1.4546 S34700 X5CrNiNb18-10
BÖHLER N700 17-4PH 1.4548 S17400 TYPE 630 X5CrNiCuNb16-4 /
X5CrNi CuNb17-4-4
BÖHLER V300 Maraging 300 1.6354
BÖHLER V250 Maraging 250 1.6358
BÖHLER V145 30CND8 1.6604 30CrNiMo8
BÖHLER V354 15CDV6 1.7734
V124SC AISI 4340 1.6928 G43400 AMS6414
V132 300M 1.6928 K44220 AMS 6417
V135 E35NCD16H

Böhler Grade Market Grade Material UNS DIN
BÖHLER L718 Alloy 718 2.4668 N07718 NiCr19NbMo/NiCr19Fe19Nb5Mo3
L090 Alloy 90 2.4632 N07090 NiCr20Co18Ti
L625 Alloy 625 2.4856 N06625


Fuselage, Cell, Wing

In Aerospace, the mix between flexibility and strength at high pressure is crucial for a long-lasting performance. At voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe, we meet all the necessary requirements and supply customized materials to the largest Aerospace manufactures.

Landing Gear

voestalpine products are used in three essential areas of the aircraft: the fuselage, the engine, and the landing gear. The high-alloy steels used in the landing gear have to absorb enormous impacts when the aircraft lands. The parts are highly stressed, usually safety-critical components that have to withstand high temperatures, mechanical loads, or rotation.


Engines are exposed to extreme loads due to very high mileage, strong temperature differences and constantly changing conditions. The quality standards in the material therefore require constant certification and individual customer approvals. We meet these standards and develop innovative new solutions together with our customers.

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