General engineering 

The use of improved materials enables engineers to develop new and better products and processes. Innovative new materials save lives (medical instruments, armor, advanced sensors), save energy (lightweight cars, more efficient machines), and expand human horizons (smartphones, basic research and particle physics). 

In the 21st century, modern high-performance materials are helping to change our world once again and to solve problems. voestalpine Specialty Metals Europe offers you these materials! They have exceptional properties that enable improvements in your components and end products. 

We invite you to talk with us about materials that can improve your products or processes. We have extensive experience in providing expert advice on material selection. 

We are not just a supplier, but act as your partner in problem solving. 

Our materials are resistant to high temperatures, corrosion and wear, and can: 

  • Reduce downtime and maintenance 
  • Increase efficiency by raising the permissible operating temperature 
  • Reduce emissions 
  • Reduce life-cycle costs

Our other subsectors

Medical technology

Whether in implants, medical instruments or medical devices; our materials are used in all areas. The quality of our alloys offers you advantages in machining and provides your customers with long-lasting, high-precision products. 


The need to build cars that are light, safe and efficient is nowadays more important than ever. New technologies such as efficient fuel injection, but also the use of hydrogen or electricity as the fuels of the future, require new material concepts. 

Today we work with most important global manufacturers and jointly develop new material solutions. We constantly advise our partners and help them to achieve success in their core business. 

Research and technology 

Ultra-high vacuum, permeability or thermal expansion: our material portfolio can become your problem solver.

From exposure machines for microchips or sensors, particle accelerators to high-performance telescopes: it is only through the use of our products that many specialist components can be produced.

Our references

Special titanium parts for submarines

By using high-strength titanium alloys, submarines can be redesigned: they are lighter, more maneuverable and provide inherent corrosion protection. Together with our customer, we have developed all pressure retaining components in close cooperation with external inspection companies. These components are produced in special metal forming processes. The ‘pressure hull’ alone has a diameter of more than 1.6 m, and weighs approximately 2,500 kg.

We sharpen the image

The modern six meter CCAT-prime telescope stands at an attitude of 5,612 m in the Chilean Atacama desert. This makes it the world’s highest altitude telescope of its kind. Temperature differences ranging from -30 to +40 ° Celsius necessitate the use of special low-expansion Alloy 36 profiles in order to allow accurate measurements. We have supplied more than 120 of these profiles, which enable a clear view of the stars. 

Proton therapy

Proton therapy has revolutionized high precision tumor treatment, since proton beams can be precisely directed to the affected part of the body.

Thanks to sophisticated imaging, delivery and scanning techniques, the treatment options for proton therapy are rapidly increasing. We produce seamless rolled rings made from special stainless steel with specific physical properties for a particle accelerator (more precisely a ‘circular accelerator’) with a weight of approximately 100 tons.

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