General Information

Engineering steels are basically wrought steels intended for mechanical engineering and related technical applications. These require critical and often stringent levels of elasticity, strength, ductility, toughness and fatigue resistance. In some cases, resistance to high or low temperatures, expansion, corrosive and other aggressive environments may also be required.

Each material is carefully tailored to meet specific user requirements for properties and performance, and in some cases, to facilitate manufacturing and fabrication techniques. These techniques are then used to manufacture components or parts. The composition, process flow and heat treatment parameters are carefully selected to meet customer needs.

Alloy BÖHLER brand WstNo. UNS ISO AMS ASTM Others
300M V132 41SiNiCrMoV7-6 6257, 6414; 6419
300MSi V180 40SiNiCrMoV10-6 6499
30CND8 V145 1.6604, 1.6580 G43400 30CrNiMo8 6484D
9310 E105 1.6657 G93106 14NiCrMo13-4 6265
LW1.6722 E108 LW1.6722 BS:S82
 – V118 1.6745 40NiMoCr10-5 BS:S99
4330 (MOD) 4330 (MOD) 1.6932 28NiCrMoV8-5 A646
4340 V124SC 1.6944 G43400 ≈40NiCrMo6 6414, 6484 E10
 – V129SA 1.6952 24NiCrMoV14-6
F22 F22 1.7380 K21590 10CrMo9-10 A182
15CDV6 V354 1.7734, 1.7735, 1.7736 (ESU) 14CrMoV6-9
E32CDV13 V361 ~1.7765 33CrMoV12 6481
E40CDV12 V358 1.8523 39CrMoV13-9
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