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FGV Railway Systems Installation

Project Launch

Depot/Tram Alicante, Spain

Project Overview

  • 32 electric switch machines CSV 24
  • 14 installed beside the track
  • 1 CSV 34 with detector rods installed operating in automatic return mode

FGV is a regional railway of the state of Valencia, Spain. The tramway Alicante is belonging to that network. The Alicante tram is a new, modern tramway system, fulfilling the demands of public transportation.

In 2006 CONTEC supplied, installed and commissioned 32 ea. CSV 24 electric switch machines for the new depot, located close to the sea side. 14 switch machines are installed beside the track and 18 inside the track.

Thanks to the stainless steel box and rods, the switch machines are perfectly protected against the salty air. The turnouts were menaufactured by JEZ, the Spanish trackwork plant of VAE.

The gauge is 1.000mm.

On the mainline, there is a CSV 34 with detector rods installed operating in automatic return mode.