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UNISTAR CSV 34 Point Machine

The manual switch machine UNISTAR CSV 34 is operated by a recess connected to the setting lever of the machine or by the vehicle trailing through the turnout. 

Even for the basic version with its proven performance in more than 3000 installations only high grade corrosion-free materials are utilized. The voestalpine Signaling stainless steel concept is also applied.

To further increase availability and decrease maintenance expenses at the same time, a watertight version of UNISTAR CSV 34 is available.

The developers used the existing know-how, gathered with the electric point machine UNISTAR CSV 24. The well proven setting rod brushing and the vulcanized-on cover seal ensure that the UNISTAR CSV 34 remains permanently watertight according to IP67.

This results in considerable maintenance advantages and thus significant cost savings, as the setting mechanism, springs and dampers are fully protected against environmental impacts like sand, dirt, snow and melt water. Furthermore, end position contacts in case of detector rods are also perfectly protected.

UNISTAR CSV 34 is applicable for all track gauges. The device can be installed either within the gauge (as from 900 mm), or beside the tracks.

Setting of the turnout direction is performed manually via the lever recess, acting directly onto the mechanical unit, or by the trailing operation of a vehicle, passing in trailing direction.

Due to its compact design it is also possible to retrofit into existing earth boxes. Simple change of operating mode between ‘reversing’ and ‘non-reversing’ is performed by turning one component only. The maximum throw equals 80 mm or 120 mm respectively.

All modules of the UNISTAR CSV 34 are both, easily accessible and easily adjustable. Its self-explaining structure reduces training requirements to a minimum. Particularly striking features are its two separate adjustable dampers and coil springs. Therefore, it is guaranteed to react on different conditions of both setting directions.

Features of UNISTAR CSV 34:

Item Value
Track gauge min. 900 mm in case of centered installation
Throw up to 120 mm, adjustable without changing parts
Holding force up to 2800 N – adjustable
Protection class up to IP 67
Dampers separately adjustable in 1 - 9 levels
End position monitoring by means of proximity or mechanical contacts (optional)

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